iJoy Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit Review

iJoy Avenger
iJoy Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit

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Dimensions: 90mm by 50mm by 36.8mm

Battery: Dual 20700

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Have you ever imagined owning a vape mode with voice control settings similar to that of your smartphone? YES, that’s precisely what iJoy Avenger 270 234W mod brings to the table. For some time now, iJoy is considered to be one of the best vape manufacturers, thanks to their superior technology and cost management. In any case, the company is still looking to set new vaping industry standards with its Avenger vape mod.



Ijoy Avenger

Maximum Wattage Output:
Minimum Atomizer Resistance:
Temperature Control Range:
Maximum Juice Capacity:
Coil Type :
0.35ohm X3-C1S Coil and 0.15ohm X3-Mesh Coil
matte black, matte champagne gold, mirror blue, mirror stainless steel, mirror green, mirror purple, mirror rainbow
Voice Control System:
510 thread

Design & Build Quality

Just as expected, the ijoy avenger mod is very impressive in terms of looks. It brings out the Iron Man vibe. It feels well-built and comfortable in hand despite its additional weight. The large color screen is also bright enough and easy to read. The screen doubles up as adjustment buttons. On the left side, you’ll get the red bar, which is the fire button.

The batteries fit in perfectly, and the battery door/cover is pretty easy to open and close with no play. However, there’s a slight gap, but that is common with most bottom loading doors. Additionally, the up/down buttons rattle slightly when held, but the “fire” bar is very solid and rattle-free. It feels nice and clicky. Overall, I don’t have any problems with this box mod’s construction.

Voice Control

To be honest, the voice control command is the primary feature that sets this mod apart from its peers. Technology is expanding, and vape mods shouldn’t be left behind. That aside, here’re the voice commands you’ll get:

  1. Hello iJoy – Turns the mod on.
  2. Auto power – Changes your default power settings, e.g., wattage mode, TC mode, TCR, etc.
  3. Auto watt – Changes the coil wattage back to the recommended settings.
  4. Power high – Increases current wattage by 10W
  5. Power low – Decreases current wattage by 10W
  6. Lock device – Locks the device
  7. Unlock device – Unlocks the device
  8. Turn on light – Turns the lights on
  9. Light off – Turns the lights off
  10. Shut down – Turns the mod off

The Battery

The iJoy Avenger 270 Voice Control kit features dual 20700 batteries that measure 70.1mm x 20.4mm (length x diameter). These rechargeable batteries boast of a peak voltage of around 4.2V, a nominal voltage of 3.7V, and a cut-off voltage of 2.5V. And as expected, the TFT screen will indicate the remaining charge of each battery. To make it even better, the mod comes with a low battery warning protection, short circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection. This way, you can enjoy your favorite flavor in peace.

However, it’s recommended to charge the batteries using an external charger because the USB port and cable are mainly for firmware updates. Also, I recommend getting some spare batteries to swap them over when needed. And of course, you’ll need an adaptor if you opt for the 18650 cells.

ijoy Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit Top and Bottom

The Tank

This is undoubtedly an area where the ijoy avenger 270 vape mod doesn’t disappoint. The Avenger sub-ohm tank comes in a variety of colors and glass sizes. The colors include Blue, Resin, White, Black, Rainbow, Champagne, and Stainless Steel. The optional glass sizes also allow vapers to choose their favorite e-liquid capacity of either 4.7mL or 3.2mL. And yes, it’s a top-fill tank so you can control the airflow. All in all, the mod and the tank fit like a glove.

iJoy Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit Avenger Tank

The Colis

First and foremost, the kit includes coils from the popular X3 coil series. You’ll get an X3-C1S coil which has a resistance level of 0.32ohm and works best at around 40-80W. You’ll also get an X3-Mesh coil which boasts of 0.15ohm and works well between 40-80W. All these coils produce a splendid performance, although I prefer the X3-Mesh coil. I know most cloud chasers out there won’t have any issues with these coils.


The iJoy Avenger performs pretty well at 150W and below. However, the mod struggles when pushed over 150W. I also used the mod continuously to see if it heats up. Fortunately, the mod doesn’t get hot, apart from the top plate which receives lots of heat from the coil. Lucky enough, the mode features the much-needed overheating protection to shut it down in case of overheating.

As for the temperature control, I’d say that it doesn’t live up to expectations. Every atomizer I used gave a completely different result. There’s no consistency in terms of settings and performance. Someone using one build could think the TC is excellent or terrible. I’m sorry, but I have to give the Avenger a fail in this case.

iJoy Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit Tank

Pros and Cons


  • The voice control feature is second to none.
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Light features are fantastic. For example, the audio lights react well to your favorite music beats.
  • Sleek looking mod and tank with a quality finish
  • Battery versatility
  • Excellent display screen and menu system


  • Quite heavy and bulky
  • The light feature unnecessarily drains your batteries
  • Flimsy TC
  • Not a suitable device for newbies

Final Verdict

Overall, the iJoy Avenger 270 box mod produces a solid performance, but only when in power mod. Don’t even think about the Temperature Control feature because it’s very unreliable. But apart from that, the voice control feature is fun to play around with. You only have to keep an eye on your battery.

Another thing, the price tag is pretty competitive at around $55. If you consider that the kit includes several accessories, including the famous Avenger tank, I find this vape mod to be an excellent buy. All in all, I’d recommend this kit to a friend who is on a budget and looking for a powerful vape mod.

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