How to Make Vape Juice

The DIY vape juice market is a fast-growing industry. After realizing that what vape juice brands do can be done at home, making this juice become a popular hobby among vapors.

And contrary to popular belief, making vape juice a simple and easy process. Most vapers who have tried the process agree it’s a cost-effective and fun way of vaping.

You too can learn make DIY vape juice and take your vaping experience to the next level. In the sections below, we’ll look at the entire process of making vape juice and what you need for the best results.

Why DIY Vape Juice?

Most people who make their vape liquid want to get a better vaping experience than they get from commercially available products. From its good old value for money to its thickness of vapor and strength of flavor, DIY vape liquid has numerous advantages.

Vaping is as much about customization and individuality as it is about experiencing great flavors and choices. Once you have been vaping for a while, you’ll start craving new and unique flavors.

By making your own vape liquid, you’re at liberty to play around with the various tastes until you find what works best for you.

Producing your vape juice gives you full control over the ingredients. In today’s market, we’re always suspicious about what a brand could be concealing.

With DIY vape juice, you will choose high-quality ingredients for their health benefits.

If you’re an occasional e-smoker, buying commercial vape juice could be quite easy for you.

However, if you feel like you’re spending too much on the juice or simply can’t find the flavor you have been looking for, then you should join the DIY vape juice bandwagon.

Sure, the idea of making your vape juice may sound overwhelming, but it’s actually easier than you think.

It doesn’t require any advanced chemical process. You only need a few ingredients, equipment, and a detailed guide to get it done. Basically, if you can brew a cup of tea, you can make vape juice!

So, What Is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is the fluid used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes to create the actual vapor. It’s a mixture of four elements including vegetable glycerin(VG), flavorings propylene glycol(PG), and the option of adding nicotine.

There are other specialized additives that can be added to e-juice, but at the bare minimum, a combination of PG/VG and flavorings will do.

Vape juice is also known as e-juice or e-liquid. The three terms can be used interchangeably to describe the same product.

What About DIY Vape Juice?

Put simply, DIY vape juice is a homemade version of the e-liquid. It comes with all the ingredients in commercially produced e-juice. However, unlike commercial vape juice, you are free to play around with the mixture until you achieve the consistency and flavor you want.

Ingredients for Making Vape Juice

VG/PG base– You should start by creating a base, consisting of VG and PG, for your juice. PG offers an increased hit to the throat but only has a minimal effect on the overall flavor. VG, on the other hand, adds some sweetness to the flavor of the juice and should be added cautiously.

Optional nicotine– Addition of nicotine to the e-juice is optional and purely dependent on your preferences. There is no shortage of both nicotine and nicotine-free recipes online. Remember nicotine is highly addictive and could be harmful to your health. If you decide to use nicotine, choose a good quality, food grade nicotine that has either PG or VG base.

Flavoring– Just like nicotine, the flavors you need will depend on your recipe. Flavors should be added cautiously since they can easily overpower your e-liquid. It’s recommended that you start with simple recipes with few flavors and then add others over time.

Additives– Additives are also an optional ingredient which is used to enhance the taste of your juice. Some good examples of additives are vodka, mentholated spirit, sweets, or just distilled water. Be careful with too much experimentation when it comes to additives as they can make or break your e-juice.

Equipment for Making Vape Liquid

E-juice consists of specific types of fluids, and in turn, it requires very specific equipment to prepare. Luckily, everything that is required is affordable and can be easily found online or in the stores.

Bottles/Containers– You need empty plastic bottles with a childproof cap. These bottles will be used to keep and mix your recipe.

Syringes– Syringes offer relatively accurate measurements. Get a syringe for each ingredient and mark them to avoid contamination.

Gloves– Buying a pair of gloves is a good idea, especially if you are using nicotine. Accidents happen and nicotine may spill on your skin, which quickly absorbs it.

E-juice calculator– It makes the process super-simple by giving you all the information you need. Most calculators are web-based, while others can be downloaded on mobile or desktop.

DIY e-juice kits– If you prefer to get all your DIY supplies in a single kit, you won’t run out of options. Most kits come with all the essentials you need to make e-juice.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Make DIY Vape Juice

ltimate Guide on How to Make Vape Juice

Preparing your work station– Preparing the workstation should always be the first step when getting started on a task. When preparing your work station:

* Put on your goggles and gloves.

* Get all your supplies ready.

* Get all your ingredients together.

* Using the e-juice calculator, write down each ingredient measurement.

Choose your preferences and ratios– These largely depend on the recipe you choose. For beginners, it’s advisable that you start with a simple menu.

Measure your ingredients– Measure out PG and VG and put them in a dropper or container. Proceed to measure nicotine and flavoring and put them in syringes.

Mixing– Mixing can be done by weight or volume. Each ingredient is introduced to the mix by weighing it or measuring its volume, respectively. Drip the flavoring into a bottle, add nicotine and then pour out the measured PG and VG.

Tips for Making Vape Juice

– Test each flavor independently.

– Take advantage of online resources to find as much information as you can about making e-juice.

– Take notes as you experiment with various tastes and flavors.

– When it comes to flavoring, less is more. Using larger amounts of flavor does not always translate to flavorful e-juice.

– Handle nicotine carefully. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

– Always measure the amounts and proportions of your ingredients casino. Guesswork will mess up everything.


As the vaping industry continues to grow, there has been an increased emphasis on the quality and safety of e-juices available in the market. Even as brands release new, innovative e-liquids, people are also making their own vape juice at home.

Now that you have the basics, go ahead and make your own vape juice. The other things you need to master DIY vaping are experience, experiment, and understanding that you’re only limited by your imagination.

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