Hong Kong Proposes Ban on Vape Products

Almost 35,000 British citizens who visit Hong Kong yearly would risk having vaping sanctions if Hong Kong decides to ban all of its vaping products.

Last year only, about 570,000 UK citizens visited Hong Kong and around six percent vape, according to a report compiled by NNA (New Nicotine Alliance). That means more than 30,000 Britons would be at risk anytime they step into Hong Kong and face risks of being arrest or imprison.

If Hong Kong decided to continue with its plan to suspend importation of vapes, most British vapers would have to cancel trips to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Legislative Council is thoroughly discussing legislation that would render all vaping products illegal. If Hong Kong signs this legislation, the new ban will criminalize manufacture, importation, distribution, sales, or promotion of all vapes and HNB (heat-not-burn) tobacco products.

The conviction would attract a jail term of up to 6 months and a fine of not less than 50,000 Hong Kong dollars (around USD 6,370).

It shows that E-cigarettes is a safer alternative to active smoking, and 1.7 million smokers in the U.K have opted for vaping instead of smoking, in Sarah Jakes’ opinion, the NNA Trustee in a statement.

Introducing a ban on a product that has a rather incredible track record of helping smokers quite combustible tobacco is unbelievable.

Shenzhen, which is a 48-minute drive from Hong Kong, is the pinnacle producer of vaping products.

The NNA, a UK registered a voluntary charity, was an initiative to increase awareness on low-risk nicotine products like snus, HNB tobacco, and vapes.

Clive Bates, an ex-Director of Action on Smoking and Health, and a long-standing UK-based anti-smoking campaigner said that he just couldn’t imagine they are planning to ban electric cigarettes in Hong Kong.

Bates along with other public health legislates wrote a plea to the Hong Kong Chief Executive last year, asking for regulation as opposed to prohibition. He’s now confused as to what happened.

Clive Bates thinks that if a nation wanted to kill its hard-earned reputation for technology, innovation, and hospitality, it would ban upcoming and better methods of quitting smoking.

Vaping has a record 95 percent lower risk than tobacco smoking- so why would a city such as Hong Kong criminalize vaping and leave out smoking?

There are at least 2 million exclusive vapers in the United Kingdom, and a huge chunk will avoid traveling to Hong Kong if the Hong Kong vape ban moves forward.

Hong Kong is a self-sustaining region of the People’s Republic of China, with a population of 7.4 million.

Not only is it an administrative region, but it also has its government with its by-laws and currency. Hong Kong is a 48-minute drive from the biggest manufacturer of vape products, Shenzhen.

Apart from banning vapes, Hong Kong’s government should worry about other intricate matters.

Hong Kong is a world financial center with great ties to the U.K and a popular tourist destination for U.K citizens as well. Hong Kong is also a former British Colony.

Should the Hong Kong vape ban continue, the NNA pledged U.K residents to familiarise themselves with the repercussions and avoid facing sanctions. If possible avoid traveling to Hong Kong.

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