Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Review-All You Need to Know

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice
Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice

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Bottle Size: 30ml

CBD Strength: 100, 250, 500 mg

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Hemp Cloudz CBD is California’s premium CBD brand. They recently added a new line of CBD e-liquids to their already growing list of hemp products. This unique collection of vape juice features six distinct flavours which fall under the fruit, dessert, menthol and candy flavour categories.

Hemp Cloudz CBD vape juice is made under the supervision of a PhD chemist in an ISO-approved laboratory. On the company’s official website, it is also stated clearly that measures were put in place to ensure the creation of flavours that will be relevant to almost everyone regardless of their preferences.

Their vape juice is forged out of CBD isolates that are free from unwanted compounds usually found in cannabis plants. Also, based on recent lab results released by the company, their vape juice is entirely free from THC and contaminants. It means that Hemp Cloudz CBD juice isn’t intoxicating and cannot get you high.

The price range for a 30mL bottle of the vape juice could cost as much as $50. They also come in varying strengths-500, 250, and 100 mg CBD.



Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice

Bottle Size:
CBD Strength:
100, 250, 500 mg CBD
THC Content:
100% natural cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, food grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavorings and sweeteners.
Apples & Stuff, Cold As Ice, Monkey Biz, Pineapple Bob, Strawberry Dream and Vanilla Delight

Hemp Cloudz CBD E-Juice

The newly launched line of e-juice comes in a 30 mL classy bottle. It bears a black label and a white-coloured hemp leaf that sits firmly on its side. The bottles carry different colours depending on the type of flavour they carry inside of them.

Like most e-juice have these days, the Hemp Cloudz juice is fortified with 70% VG. For the sake of this review, this new line of e-juice will be tested using a vape pen with a dual coil that is energized by a Clapton build.

The Bonza 1.5 RDA will be perfect for this purpose but you don’t have to be restricted to it. Other vape pens and pods can equally be used. The vape juices will also be tested sublingually to confirm its actual taste. Doing this will help people who hope to harness the riches of CBD oil without having to fire up a vape pen.

Pineapple Bob

Have you been searching for an e-juice flavour with a tropical essence? This one may be what you have been looking for. It contains a delicate blend of mangoes, pineapples, and strawberries to form an irresistible fruit medley.

The taste is so unique and original that you can almost forget that you are taking in a vape juice. Apart from its candylike taste, this vape juice isn’t filled with so much sweet. It’s perfect and should be a treat for most tropical lovers that also what benefit from the richness of CBD oils.

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Pineapple Bob

Apples & Stuff

Apple flavour or ‘Apple and Stuff’ like it is popularly known, combines the goodness of apple candy and Fuji apple. It has a twist to it and a cooling effect that makes you almost think that it contains some trace amounts of menthol.

However, its refreshing taste is hard not to notice, even if it is supposed to be subtle. Unfortunately, this apple juice may not be so pleasing in all seasons, but on a hot day, it should be your number 1 pick.

If you are looking for a vape juice that will remind you of the goodness of apples, apple and stuff e-juice is the one for you.

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Apple

Vanilla Delight

Judging from its label, it is easy to think that this flavour will carry a vanilla milkshake essence. However, upon testing, this was not the case! It smelled like vanilla pudding. Well, it is not a big deal because vanilla always tastes good, whether it is in a milkshake or pudding form.

Vaping, it was fun for most parts. It’s nice to hold a well-crafted e-juice for a change. It is not so sweet, which means that it is not so different from other creamy vapes juices that came before it. However, the vanilla pudding taste makes up for this. You will enjoy this vanilla-flavoured e-juice from Hemp Cloudz if you have a thing vanilla custardy flavours.

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Vanilla Delight

Strawberry Dream

Apart from its classy packaging and impeccable label design, this flavour is bound to thrill its users. It contains a fixed amount of sweets and possesses a unique strawberry candylike taste. A hint of raspberry was added to the recipe.

The taste of this e-juice shares some similarities with the previously famous Juice Rollupz. To get a bit of strawberry cream, you can mix this with the vanilla flavoured e-juice for a mind-blowing blend.

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Strawberry

Monkey Biz

While you can begin to guess the contents of this vape juice by merely looking at its attractive yellow label, it still offers so much more. It carries the sweet scent of fresh banana and comes with a rich blend of fruits. It contains enough sweet that will thrill an average user, but those looking for more sweetness may not fancy it so much.

A taste of the juice suggests that the essence of candy, fresh banana, kiwi, and strawberry have been added to it. It is quite tangy, but the strawberry and Kiwi mixture slightly takes away the pure banana taste that we all know and makes it a little more delicate.

To get a creamy treat, you can make a delicate blend of strawberry twist, vanilla, and monkey biz. It will send you into a frenzy if you are a fruit lover. It is worth trying!

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Monkey Biz

Cold as Ice

This e-juice carries a real menthol taste that is also fortified with spearmint. It is so cool, and you can almost compare it with “sub-zero”. The best part is that you can add it to other flavours to give you a smoother and more refreshing appeal (if you wish to).

If you are looking to take this flavour orally, let me warn you that you may not enjoy it very much. You may take the others sublingually but do not do so with this one.

Hemp Cloudz CBD Vape Juice Cold As Ice

Final Words

This line of vape juice by Hemp Cloudz is thoroughly enjoyable. They are well crafted and professional to look upon. Since they are made from CBD isolates, they do not have the taste of hemp. Hence they are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD oils.

Also, the juices complement each other very well, so make sure you get yourself more than one flavour. This way, you can create your unique flavours and compensate for daily CBD dose adequately.

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