Geekvape Zeus X Review

Geekvape Zeus X
Geekvape Zeus X

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Dimensions: 25mm by 47.8mm

E-liquid Capacity: 4.5 mL

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The Geekvape Zeus X has really taken over the vape markets, and it being the latest double coil top rebuildable tank atomizer. The company has produced 3 top airflow RTAs. This being their fourth one and the latest in the market. The three previous include the Zeus, Dual Zeus, and the Themis RTA.

Geekvape has a tradition of producing high-quality atomizers, the Themis and Zeus Dual being the top solid performers. Most of these RTAs are named after the king of the gods. Let’s see if it has it will take the top position.

Here, Geekvape has been come up with a collection of its best RTAs so that they can be reviewed. You can get Zeus X RTA at Element Vape at an affordable price.

The colors include black, blue, rainbow, gunmetal, and stainless steel.

Price: $27.95



Geekvape Zeus X

Maximum Juice Capacity:
4.5 mL
Battery Capacity:
Coil Type :
Coil (Ni80 – 0.4 ohm) x 2
Stainless, Black, Blue, Gold, Rainbow
510 thread

Kit Content

  1. 810 drip
  2. Hex wrench
  3. Triangular tool
  4. Zeus X RTA
  5. User manual
  6. Warranty and promotional cards
  7. A spare glass tube
  8. Coil

Geekvape Zeus X Kit Content

Build Quality and Design

The quality and machine arrangement of Geekvape Zeus X is very good. The tank generally is about 22 mm at the base and about 29 mm near the bubble glass. It has a capacity of 4.5 ml and the bubble glass capacity of 3.5 ml.

Zeus’s face is there and it doesn’t matter if you live it or not, because the details that are so good.

Additionally, it has smooth details with an airflow control ring that has good resistance to have a smooth flow. Zeus has no fancy filling system you just turn the top for a filling to occur. The filling ports here are smaller but the job will still get done.

Its tank is very compatible together with a Goon-style of 810 drip tips. However, those 810s which have O-rings will work well on it. That drip top on Zeus X is similar to the Half Moon drip tops. Because it’s very short, it may be a problem for most people.

As for me, this type of drip is my favorite. On the low, it’s so hard to get it out, so I have to remove it. Furthermore, there is the inclusion of an Item tip in the box that is longer.

When we talk about accessories, Geekvape puts many on the package box. On the outside of the 510 adapters and the 2 drip tops, you will find two nichrome with 3 cores that are fused with Clapton coils, a straight glass, two cotton strips, standard tools, the eight removable deck screws as well as the plethora O-rings.

The major problem that I found there was on those O-rings. This is because they seemed to be so loose. Especially at the bottom and you can easily fall out when you are removing the glass.

Geekvape Zeus X Performance


Here, the flow system uses a very simple mechanism. The chimney on the inside has very small cutouts just at the bottom that fit in the two holes. And they will stay in place when you screw the atomizer together.

It is connected to the chimney on the exterior by the use of a smaller O-ring which on the topmost part of it.

This O-ring is so thing and the interior chimney may fall when you open the atomizer to see the deck. This is not a bigger deal but I will tell you to turn the Geekvape Zeus X on the low when you are removing screws from the bottom so that you are safe. These top that is at the topmost parts of the coils.

Build Deck

Taking off the decks, I can say that there is nothing special about them but its an upgrade of both the Zeus Dual and the Original Zeus. It reminds me well of Dead Rabbit series, not because of the looks, but because of the top load posts as well as the fact that these wicks need to be a little bit longer so that they can reach the wick slots.

Additionally, space is limited so the large exotic coils cannot fit in. You will also have to account for the inside chimney drying your construction. The chimney also has a small indentation which further reduces the space on the inside. For me, I will tell you to go for a 3 mm diameter coil so that you can avoid such problems.

Geekvape Zeus X Build Deck

Wicking and Coil Installation

When you are installing the coil, it’s so easy and has little complications. Cut the hangings of your coil and place them on the decks, then put them on a place that has flathead screws. Then pull them up, place them closer to your airflow holes.

Ensure that there is a small space between them while ensuring that they don’t go far from the Centre of your decks, or even the coils touching the chimney. The first time you start the build-ups, I would suggest that you try on the chimney before you can wick and adjust the coils if need be.

When wicking, its easier on this one than on the previous Zeus. Here, for a 3mm coil build, comb you coils some time then place the wick tails in the wick slots and you will be done.


I obtained the best results when I used a fused Clapton. The nichrome coil was also good. These Clapton produced more vapor and flavor.

The flavor was also so good. The performance when it comes to the single mode was so well, more than what I expected. The inside chambers were working so well so that the coil can produce enough flavor.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid build quality
  • Leak proof
  • Good-looking
  • Passable single coil performance
  • Easy to wick and builds
  • Smooth airflow
  • Many accessories
  • The best flavor for the to-airflow RTA
  • It’s a bit quiet when it you compare it to most RTAs
  • It has a smart chimney design for a good airflow


  • There are some O-rings which are loose
  • There is nothing that can surprise you on those build decks

Final Verdict

Personally, I’m so impressed by what this RTA brings to the table. Starting from its performance, and the looks, Geekvape Zeus X beats them all and stays on top. It is also so easy to wick and builds. The airflow system is so cool. The major problems with the O-rings are which appeared to be loose. I highly recommend that you try out this Zeus model!

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