GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit Review

geekvape aegis legend
geek vape aegis legend 200w limited edition

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Size: 141.5mm x 58.5mm x 30.6mm

Battery: Dual 18650 Battery

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Whether you are looking for a vape pen, pod, or mod, it is crucial to go for products that fit your vaping skills. Are you a beginner looking for a mod? Consider buying the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit. It is a stylish, modern mod with an outstanding design and robust structure.



Before GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W existed, there was the original Aegis version, which ran on a 26650 while the starter kit uses dual 18650 batteries. However, the two products share similar characteristics, such as being waterproof and durable. Here is a review of the Legend 200W starter kit to help you understand the product better.


GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W

Tank Capacity:
5.5ml(Limited Version)
Coil Resistance Range:
Temperature Range:
Wattage Output Range:
5 – 200W
Voltage Output Range:
1 – 7.4V

What's in the Box?

Included in the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit box(Limited Edition) you will find:
1*Aegis Legend Mod

1*5.5ML Zeus Tank(pre-installed 0.2ohm Mesh Z2 Coil)

1*0.4ohm Mesh Z1 Coil

1*Spare Glass Tube(3.5ML)

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

geek vape aegis legend 200w aero mesh kit packaging

Brilliant Design

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit is a rectangular mod with a fire button and a screen facing you. It has a shockproof body and an advanced chip that provides superior performance for users while offering up to 200watts of power.

Are you worried about water damaging your Legend mod? The manufacturer makes this device to be waterproof to bar water damage in case of accidental drops. However, the farthest it can get underwater without damage is 1meter deep for a maximum of 30minutes. The .91’’ OLED color screen displays a vertical menu with information such as puff counter, resistance, amps, and voltage. Adjust the brightness of the screen for better visibility. To increase display clarity, use the fire and up buttons while to lower it, use the fire and down buttons.

Nonetheless, the manufacturer warns that you should not drop it from a height beyond one meter. You could damage the cells and ruin the waterproof seal. That is not all. The mod is dustproof making cleaning a lot easier. You can use it in a dirty environment, and it will not collect much grime. The product colors can be chosen from red, blue, green, gunmetal, black, gold, and rainbow. This brand also has adjustable venting at the bottom to help with the airflow. Use the switch-trigger fire button to start to enjoy the vaping.

There is a 1A USB port with a tab at the top of the gadget to help with charging. The port is not only for charging but also for updating the firmware. The company offers device protection against low resistance, battery imbalance, overheating, low voltage, reverse battery, and short circuit.

geek vape aegis legend 200w tc box mod camo

Robust Construction

The brand features a stainless steel aero sub-ohm tank with a 4ml capacity when using the standard glass tank and 5ml when the bubble glass tank is in place. The tank has a diameter of 25mm and provides a top filling structure to aid e-juice replenishing. A product with adjustable wattage is excellent. GeekVape’s starter kit has a wattage curve that allows five increments in addition to the bypass mode.

It is made of six military-grade materials that give it exceptional strength to last a while despite numerous drops. They include carbon steel for the battery door and latch, aluminium, zinc alloy fire button, a leather hand wrap, powder-coated stainless steel for the body, and LSR silicone for waterproofing and not forgetting the rubberized exterior. The rubber coating gives the mod a nice feel in your hands that makes it comfortable to hold.

Excellent Performance

When using the GeekVape starter kit, you get a smooth draw, powerful hits, full flavor puffs, and dense, warm vapor. It utilizes a 0.15-ohm IM4 quad coil or a 0.2-ohm aero mesh coil. The mod comes with mesh coil and a bubble glass already installed. Note that mesh coils are long-lasting. The kit also has a 200-600F (100-315C) temperature control suite that allows it to support different heating elements including nickel (Ni200), stainless steel 316, and titanium. This way, you are not restricted to one material.


GeekVape Aegis Legend starter kit operates on dual 18650 batteries. Its battery door has springs fast cell swapping, a seal ring to ensure secure placement, and a latch for extra reinforcement. The original Aegis brand uses a large-cap. With the carbon steel push, you open the lower latch on the battery door. Besides, the OLED screen also displays a battery life indicator. The battery vent holes foster safety at all times.

geek vape aegis legend 200w tc box mod batttery component

Pros and Cons


  • Durable, solid, waterproof
  • Dimmable screen
  • Military-grade components
  • Shock resistant and dustproof
  • Neat OLED display; easy to operate menu
  • Usable with 26mm atomizers
  • Well-built with a rugged construction
  • Accurate and powerful
  • No battery rattling
  • Adjustable airflow and quick-firing
  • Offers three screen colors for a change (red, blue, light blue)


  • Batteries sold separately
  • Closing the battery door with the cells inside can be a challenge
  • Temperature control needs improvement
  • Provides 40watts maximum in TC mode; it could be higher

Final Verdict

One of the things you should like about GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W starter kit is the materials the manufacturer uses in making the mod. They all contribute to the sturdy, durable, shockproof nature of the product. It is also water and dustproof, thus boosting convenience. The brand has a temperature control usable with several elements such as nickel and titanium. Besides, the vent system at the battery compartment fosters safety.

With an improved battery door, an excellent immersion depth, and an advanced chipset, GeekVape is offering you a mod of superior quality and performance on the market. You can upgrade its firmware using the USB port. However, no product lacks downsides.

Despite the few battery and temperature control issues, this product is worth buying considering that its pros and admirable features. It is available in various colors giving you options to match your preference. If you are looking for a mod starter kit, GeekVape’s Aegis Legend might be what you need.

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