Element Vape Review: A Popular and Trustworthy Store

Element vape kits

If you’ve been a part of the vaping community for some time, you’ve undoubtedly heard “Element Vape” being mentioned often and probably wondered what it’s all about.

Established in 2013 in California, Element Vape is nothing more than an online store specialized in selling everything from full-fledged vaping devices to all of the tiniest accessories intended to improve your vaping experience. Even though it had a slow start, the website found great success as the industry experienced a spike in popularity in recent years.

With over 200k followers across all the social media platforms, Element Vape currently ranks among the top of Google’s search results for almost any vape-related item. The company itself always seeks and establishes partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers to provide the most attractive prices.

According to them, their main goal is “pushing the boundaries of service to deliver customers a completely satisfying experience”. Now, let’s find out how they’re different from their competitors and if they indeed are what they claim to be.

Website's Aesthetics

Upon visiting the website’s homepage, you’re greeted by a relatively large banner slider which scrolls through their newest products and current deals. Their color scheme mainly consists of black and white with the images of products, adding some vibrancy to it.

The header contains a menu strip with all the item categories offered by the store, as well as their subcategories which appear in the corresponding drop-down menus. The rest of the homepage shows some of the bestsellers, new arrivals as well as some points of interest. It’s pretty straightforward, and you’ll be able to find everything without much effort.

Product pages are tailored towards simplicity and functionality, but they also provide more than enough information. Below the images and a relatively extensive description of the product are the reviews from people who had purchased it. The web pages can take a bit longer to load sometimes, but without any ads or obtrusive pop-ups, it’s not too big of an issue.

Element vape website

Product/Brand Variations

Element Vape sells pretty much anything you can think of. They offer various products from an astonishing 327 different brands (full list available on their website). The products are grouped into their corresponding categories, and they include:

Starter Kits

With over 500 different choices, the starter kits group contains everything from disposable e-cigs and all-in-one systems to the high power 150W+ kits. Whether you’re looking for a cheap alternative to replace your smoking habits or a high-end device to add to your collection, you’ll surely find something to your liking. Among the different brand choices are highly popular VOOPOO, Vaporesso, Innokin, Aspire and SMOKTech.

Element vape kits

Box Mods

As the bread and butter of the vaping industry, box mods are an essential upgrade to the less powerful starter kits. Element Vape boasts over 200+ varieties of regular TC/VW mods, as well as more modern touch screen and the robust DNA chip box mods. Some of the available brands are iJoy, eleaf, dotmod and asMODus.


For the more experienced, DIY type of users, Element Vape offers over a 100 different atomizers (RDA’s, RTA’s) and rebuildables. Each product page in this category contains a warning regarding the needed technical knowledge for proper handling of the products. The brands include HellVape, CoilART, OUMIER and many others.


To get the best performance out of your device, a proper tank is a must. This product group contains 127 different variations of sub-ohm, mesh coil, TC control and other types of tanks. They’re available in diameters ranging from 22mm up to 30mm. The big brand names are SMOK, Aspire and FreeMaX.


It’s a common occurrence for your battery to die or a coil to burn out. When this happens, Element Vape’s accessory group has you covered with over 500 various batteries, replacement coils, drip tips, chargers and other essentials. These come from popular brands – Coil Master, Efest, Nitecore – so their quality is ensured.


With almost 1,500 different choices, e-liquid has the most extensive lineup out of all product groups. Various blend ratios, flavor profiles and combo packs provide more than enough options for all types of users. Some of the popular brands are 7 Daze, Vapetasia and Cosmic Fog.

Element Vape has everything you need as long as you know what you’re looking for. However, beginners might be overwhelmed due to the insane amount of products available.

Element vape e-juice

Customer Feedback

Element Vape’s official Trustpilot review page has almost 21,000 different reviews. Most of them (84%) belong to the four and five-star ratings, with 10% of users leaving an unsatisfied one-star review. Many people expressed their satisfaction over the years of ordering products without experiencing issues.

As one reviewer stated – “If you do happen to have a problem, their customer service is great and quickly fixes any mistakes”. By merely taking a glance at the ratings of different product pages on Element Vape, it’s apparent that there are almost no average reviews below four stars.

Unfortunately, there have been some complaints about defective items and delayed shipments. Some say that they received no response even after contacting customer support. There have also been some cases where their verification system wasn’t working correctly, which resulted in troubles while purchasing a product. Overall though, it seems that there are much more satisfied users than those who had issues along the way.

Shipping & Delivery

Element Vape usually processes orders and sends out shipments within a 24-hour time frame, but in some cases, it might take up to 48 or 72 hours, specifically during holiday seasons. Inside the US, shipping is available for most of the states except the island territories and those for which the law prohibits.

The orders can be tracked through a specific USPS number sent to the customer’s email after the product has been shipped. Estimated delivery times are either 2-4 business days for standard shipping or 4-10 days for snail mail transit (both are delivered via USPS). For US orders over $50, shipping is free.

International orders are also available for 50+ different countries. However, the company is not responsible for any additional fees or packages which have been seized due to various regulations.

Shipping charges are non-refundable, which is why customers have to be fully aware of the importation laws in their respective countries. Prices offered by Element Vape are exclusively shown in the USD currency and don’t support conversions. Besides, the company doesn’t provide delivery estimates for foreign countries due to the possible customs and importation delays.

element vape review


Each product group comes with very attractive price points, usually up to 30% lower than any of the other competitors. One of the Element Vape’s main advantages is its extensive price range that can suit any type of budget.

Sorting the prices from lowest to highest will usually yield products that are incredibly cheap, sometimes even less than $10. In contrast, if you’re looking for high-end, feature-packed devices, the upper price range goes up to hundreds of dollars.

Alongside the free shipping over $50 orders and the already low prices, Element Vape has regular sales on specific items. These usually depend on sponsorship from different manufacturers or various promotions. Furthermore, many different coupons can be found both on their website and through a simple Google search. If you’re looking to save some money, it hardly gets better than Element Vape.

VIP Rewards Program

The VIP rewards program is Element Vape’s fancy name for a cashback system. Once you register on the website and purchase an item, you get so-called EV points in an amount equivalent to double that of the product price (for example, spending $10 gets you 20 EV points). 100 EV points are equal to one dollar, and you can spend them on any product you want. This program works for every purchase and the more you shop, the more you save.

Return Policy & Warranty

For unopened, unused and undamaged items, Element Vape accepts returns and offers refunds if they are initiated within 30 days of the original purchase. If you receive either a damaged or a wrong product, it has to be reported to the customer service within 48 hours to be eligible for a return. Also, the customer is required to have all of the original packaging contents, as well as a warranty card if the product came with one.

Unfortunately, delivery costs for returning the items have to be paid by the customer. If Element Vape approves the replacement/refund, they pay the respective shipping costs.

Each item comes with a 30-day limited warranty which excludes any coverage for damage caused by accidents, improper handling: disassembly, customized modifications or user-related errors. Besides, any cosmetic issues such as scratches are not covered by the warranty.


Considering all the factors, it looks like Element Vape has a bright future ahead of it. The attractive look of the website, promotions and sponsorships with some of the biggest brand names in the vaping industry, as well as outstanding customer support, make it one of the best possible options for any vape-related purchase.

Of course, they’re not perfect, but their tendency to listen to their customers’ advice is undoubtedly going to keep them at the top of all lists for the foreseeable future.

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