Eleanor Norton’s Anti-Vaping Law: Is It About Safety or Tyranny

Eleanor Norton's Anti-Vaping Law: Is It About Safety or Tyranny

As a non-voting member of the House of Representatives, Eleanor Holmes Norton has the power to present bills to congress. On May 14th, she used her power to present congress with a bill that would ban e-cigarette smoking on Amtrak. The congresswoman has made it clear that her actions are driven by the belief that e-cigarettes pose a health risk to non-smokers on public grounds.

Despite heavy criticism from various news media outlets, it is important to look at the issue from an objective and scientific viewpoint. The first thing to note is that all research by credible sources has confirmed that second hand vaping smoke is no more dangerous than ordinary exhaled breath.

Equally important is the question of how wise it is to give the an already powerful federal government the power to regulate people’s actions at such a minute level. Amtrak already has its own internal policies to guarantee the comfort and safety of its passengers. However, it appears not enough for Eleanor Norton. She has made it clear that her objective in codifying this into law is to prevent any future backtracking on this policy issue in the future.

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