Does Nicotine Has Postive Effect on Health

Does Nicotine Has Postive Effect on Health




Most people associate nicotine with smoking and deny nicotine has postive effect on health. The stimulant has been doomed over the years as it is one of the main components of tobacco. It is believed to be a significant cause of all the adverse effects of smoking among users. The reality is that nicotine is the only constituent of tobacco that does not cause diseases and death. Some people argue that the stimulant is the cause of medical complications such as cancer and emphysema but tend to ignore the numerous health benefits that come with it.

Does nicotine have postive effect on health?

Are you aware that the same substance is one of the stimulants that cause the disease but may be an innovative treatment for neurodegenerative complications such as Parkinson’s? Or that the drug might be a treatment for schizophrenia, or be a component of innovative weight-loss therapies? Or that the U.S. government has funded a clinical trial to test the possibility of nicotine being a treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease?

Nootropics are popular, but many users have not realized that studies have proven nicotine as an effective treatment for enhancing memory and other cognitive functions. The public has misunderstood the substance, and there has been negative criticism in the media. However, researchers have continued to highlight the numerous benefits of nicotine and actively exploring new ways that it can be used to improve people’s lives.

Nicotine is found as a treatment for parkison's disease

Nicotine and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the human brain are responsible for the stimulation of various effects. The receptors, cholinergic system works with neurotransmitter acetylcholine to control the contraction of the muscles and regulation of inflammation in the body. And it also helps with stimulating the production of transmitters, including norepinephrine, serotonin, glutamate, endorphins, and dopamine.

Cigarette smokers get addicted to nicotine due to the rushing of dopamine in the brain when delivered rapidly — the stimulant pleasures smokers and hence the urge to come back for more. However, dopamine can benefit users as it helps people affected by Parkinson’s disease by controlling movement.
When Parkinson’s disease worsens, neurons responsible for the production of dopamine in the brain die.

Research has shown that L-dopa, which is a commonly used drug in the treatment of the disease, causes movement disorder called dyskinesia in the long run. According to researchers, non-smokers are more prone to Parkinson’s disease as compared to smokers, and people can benefit from the numerous benefits of nicotine without smoking. Other than protecting long-term smokers, could the stimulant be an effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease if taken when symptoms begin?

Previous studies on animals have given promising results as the stimulant has helped to reduce dyskinesia when used by patients already using L-dopa. However, researchers have not gotten conclusive results when using nicotine patches as a treatment for the illness.

Nicotine is found as a treatment for parkison's disease

Nicotine is recommended for cognitive enhancement.

The stimulant offers neuroprotection and hence prevents degenerative mental conditions. Properties of nicotine that have given positive results in treating diseases such as Parkinson’s can help in improving brain functions for all users. For instance, using nicotine enhances memory and visual attention. According to Jennifer Rusted, a University Psychology professor, the stimulant is the most effective cognitive enhancer that anyone can use.

According to the professor, nicotine has the most robust effects as compared to any other cognitive enhancers being used today. During an interview, Rusted revealed that nicotine has a positive impact on prospective memory which helps users to remember all the tasks that they have set do in the future. The psychology expert further noted that the effect was small and cannot have a massive impact on a healthy individual. However, he argued that it is vital as it helps people to focus on relevant issues.

Nicotine is used in weight management.

Over the years, the stimulant has been as a weight suppressant. In most cases, people tend to gain weight after quitting smoking. Researchers recently conducted a study on thermogenesis. According to their findings, nicotine triggers the body to start burning some types of fat cells, and this leads to weight loss.

Thermogenic fat cells in the body are activated to start burning by stimulating a specific receptor that regulates the dependence of nicotine in the brain. The process can be natural or through the use of nicotine which mimics the effect of the natural receptor. According to a senior author, Jun Wu, this is a vital pathway in metabolic and health research. He also added that coming with more ways of activating the thermogenic fat cells will help to develop innovative therapies for metabolic health without causing harm to people.

Nicotine is used in weight management.

Nicotine can improve short-term memory

Numerous studies have been conducted and have revealed that using nicotine helps to enhance short-term memory, one of the main benefits of the stimulant. A U.K-based university conducted a study which involved ten smokers and non-smokers. The study aimed to test the effectiveness of nicotine in boosting short-term memory.

The participants were then required to complete some tests which required short-term memory and were required to finish within four hours. Results from the study showed that the participants who had used nicotine had better short-term memory than those that did not as the stimulant enhances the processing of stimuli.

Nicotine can improve the health of ADHD patients

Research has shown that nicotine can be used to improve attention in people with ADHD. Paul Newhouse from Vanderbilt University conducted with a colleague in 2004, where nicotine was administered to eight adolescents who had ADHD.

According to him, the use of nicotine among adolescents with ADHD has a positive impact on cognitive or behavioral inhibition. Another study involved 15 subjects was conducted a few years later, and the findings were similar. He has carried out several studies over the years using the stimulant in treating individuals with cognitive and neurological disorders.

Nicotine can improve users reaction time significantly

The stimulant has been used in numerous experiments, and the results shown that the reaction time among users tends to improve. According to researchers from the University of London, using nicotine enhances the performance of users when they carry out IQ-related tasks. The study involved 113 smokers in London.

Another study in New Zealand has shown that taking cigarettes with more nicotine lowered decision-making time among the 29 subjects that were involved. On the other hand, people who used cigarettes with low nicotine exhibited increased decision-making time. The results were the same irrespective of whether the subjects were light or heavy smokers in real life.

Nicotine can improve athlete's performance.

Nicotine Has Postive Effect on Health

The drug is commonly used by athletes to enable them to achieve their goals. Using nicotine is vital among athletes as it helps to boosts short-term memory and reduces reaction time. Individuals engaging in complex sporting activities tend to take more nicotine. The stimulant is allowed by international sports governing bodies.

However, some stadiums in the United States prohibit the use of tobacco. In 2017, 10 studies were carried out to establish whether there was a relationship between nicotine and athletic performance. After an analysis of the results of the study, researchers found that using the stimulant helps athletes to have better performance.

The use of smokeless tobacco is common among basketball and footballers in the United States. It is also widely used by elite athletes from different parts of the world, including Norway, Sweden, and Finland. According to research conducted in 2002, about 100 athletes from Finland used smokeless tobacco.

According to users of snus, it helps to prevent drying of the mouth, controlling body weight, reduces reaction time. And It can improve the level of concentration which is essential in their career.

Nicotine can help people who has SCHIZOPHRENIA.

Studies have shown that most people with schizophrenia are cigarette smokers. The smoking rate is six times higher than healthy individuals. As a result, medical experts have always assumed that smoking among people with schizophrenia is a form of self-medication.

According to a study conducted by Uwe Maskos, a Paris-based scientist with other international experts, there is a genetic mutation as a result of cognitive problems that are common among people living with schizophrenia. And this was an explanation of why many people with the condition tend to smoke. The scientists explained how taking the stimulant helps to normalize brain activity among individuals with the mutation. The findings gave hope for finding an effective treatment for the mutation using nicotine.

Nicotine can be used to treat ALZHEIMER's disease

People are suffering from the condition display disorder. When the condition worsens, people exhibit severe confusion, paranoia, and disorientation. The disease may cause dementia at later stages, and people may become paralyzed, unable to speak, or swallow anything. There are ongoing studies to find out whether nicotine can be used to treat MCI and hence to prevent the worsening of the condition. Some preliminary studies have shown positive results, and scientists hope that effective treatment will be released.

Scientists have sought to find out whether the stimulant can be used to supplement the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine to stimulate the damaged receptors. According to a clinical trial conducted by Paul Newhouse with a team of experts where 67 subjects were involved, people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s exhibited improvements after taking nicotine.

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