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Daily High Club

What is the Daily High Club?

You’ll want to learn about the Daily High Club or (DHC) If you’re someone who loves to sit back, inhale, and relax. The Daily High Club is a subscription-based service and allows you to receive a monthly box of smoking products. Boxes range in size, type, and price, but they come at a great value. They have an assortment of products from glass pipes to rolling papers, and even celebrity-based products as well.

The Daily High Club also ships internationally and is the authority when it comes to monthly vaping subscriptions regarding uniqueness and value. The Daily High Club takes pride in its customers, filling their niche, and making sure everyone has access to their unique product line.

When you sign up for the Daily High Club, you’ll be exposing yourself to a large community. Plenty of famous people, organizations, and groups, love to support the Daily High Club. Some celebrities and organizations you might be familiar with are:

  • Tommy Chong
  • Crystal Cult
  • B-Real
  • Dr. Greenthumb

So not only are you getting a reputable brand, but you’re also gaining access to a large community of fellow enthusiasts.

What else does the Daily High Club offer?

The Daily High Club takes pride in its customers and offers plenty of consumer-based products as well as a blog to answer questions or show you what’s new in the smoking world (you can even learn the lingo). Blog posts tend to include helpful ways to clean pipes, any questions you may have, and topics about smoking. The Daily High club cares about their customers and does everything they can to keep them well informed and up to date.

Some pride, and other unique products, you’ll find:

  • LBGT Pride boxes
  • Anti-bullying themes
  • Environmentally safe lighters
  • Tons of pride-based products from lanyards to pride flags
  • Even find hemp tea

The last thing you need to know about the Daily High Club is that they’re incredibly private. Security is their top priority, and you’ll never feel at risk. Your orders will not show exactly what’s in them on your receipt, and the boxes are always unmarked for extra protection. Each box comes in a tear-resistant plastic wrap, so you don’t need to worry about product damage or snooping.

What is Daily High Club

How much does the Daily High Club cost?

The All-Natural plan is one that provides excellent value for a heavily discounted price. In this plan, you’ll have access to a fresh supply of rolling papers, filter tips, and even a bee-wick matchbook. The price is only $1 per month and $2 for shipping. If you live outside the United States, that price does rise to $3.25.

The connoisseur plan is one of the best ideas for value. This plan is a bit higher in price, but the boxes offer a little bit more. For $12 per month, you’ll gain access to either 7 or 9 products each shipment. The products vary, but they can even include glass pieces and other smoking tools. The cost of shipping is free for those of you who reside in the United States, but international shipping costs a bit more. Shipping to Canada will cost $7, and if you live somewhere else, the flat rate is $11.

If you want to be blown away by your subscription, the El Primo plan will get the job done. While this may be the most expensive plan the Daily High Club offers, you get a box filled with goodies. The subscription costs $30 monthly, and also ships for free in the United States. If you live in Canada, the cost is $11 to ship, and everywhere else, the price to ship is $18.

With over 200% of the value you pay, you really can’t go wrong with subscriptions like El Primo.

What does its process look like?

If you thought it was complicated to join the Daily High Club, then you’ll be relieved to find out that it’s very simple. All you need to do is head to their website and follow the link that says join.

Once you’ve joined, the next step in the process is to choose your very own subscription box.

A quick look at what you’ll find:

  • Prices for monthly plans
  • Prices for 6-month plans
  • Prices for annual plans
  • The boxes themselves
  • Added features you can add into your boxes

After you take a quick gander at the products and payment plans, you can dive right into the purchasing process. You’ll need to make your first payment, and include payment information, but that’s the extent of it.

Daily High Club

How does it stack up compared to the competition?

The Daily High Club is much better than the rest, and one of the main reasons is international shipping. Sure, plenty of other companies are out there, but can they ship anywhere?

What about the products themselves?

Other companies offer a lot of the same product assortments, but they lack uniqueness. Luckily, the Daily High Club excels in this area, and here is why.

Tommy Chong helped along the way and coordinated with the Daily High Club to provide customers with a unique assortment of his glass steamroller, bamboo mat for rolling, and even Tommy Chong’s favorite papers.

While the competition may have great products, do they have Tommy Chong’s favorites?

What are Daily High Club's representatives?

After all of this talk about great products, prices, and unique options, you’ll probably want to take a look at what some of the boxes look like.

The All-Natural Box

The All-Natural Box is an excellent option if you’re the casual smoker. It doesn’t come with a crazy amount of options, but it comes with everything you need to have a good time. It is probably the most competitively priced box offered because it only costs $1 per month plus shipping. It can be seen the cheapest among the box plans. For the price and the amenities included, that’s pretty hard to beat.

What’s included?

The contents of each box vary, but with the All-Natural box, the contents remain relatively consistent. Inside you’ll find plenty of great organic products to suit your needs. From rolling papers to bee-wick match strips, you really won’t be disappointed. Sure, it doesn’t include that much, but compared to the cost of each product on its own, you’ll be saving quite a bit of money along the way.

The exact contents include:

  • One pack of MOON Pure Hemp rolling papers (1 ¼ inch)
  • 3.3 inches of bee-wick
  • A package of 50 RAW filters (tips)
  • Elements matchbook
Daily High Club-All-Natural-Box

The Connoisseur Box

This box is the Daily High Club’s next level up, and it’s worth it depending on your smoking habits. This box comes packed with everything you’ll need for the month, and for the price, you’ll find some pretty decent value inside on $9.99 with shipping fees based on different location. The only downside to this box, compared to the other two, is that there is a bit more bang for your buck with others. This box is best used for casual smokers or as a gift.

What’s included?

Inside, you’ll find plenty of rolling papers, enough supplies for those of you smoke daily, and it comes with plenty of additional features. The beauty of this box is that it adds a bit more variety and a few other ways to smoke with refreshing grape-flavored wraps.

The exact contents of the Connoisseur box are:

  • 49 Smoking Maiz papers, which are one ¼ inch a piece
  • Another package of rolling papers at one ¼ inch (The brand is My F** Rolling Papers), this pack contains 50 papers
  • Hempire Pure Hemp Papers, which includes 33 papers (king-sized)
  • A 2 pack of grape-flavored cones
  • The Doob tube
  • Bee-wick
  • A DHC sticker (featuring a quote)
  • RAW filters (tips)
    Flavonator by Juicy J
Daily High Club-The Connoisseur Box

The El Primo Box

The El Primo Box is essentially the Daily High Club’s premium box on price $29.99. This box comes packed with plenty of value and provides the best bang for your buck. If you’re someone who smokes often, this box will never disappoint. If you’re a real enthusiast, you’ll want to get your hands on this box at all costs.

What’s inside?

The El Primo Box offers more than the other boxes, and rightfully so. This box comes packed with glass pieces, unique items, and plenty of utensils to keep you more than entertained. Plus, for someone who smokes daily, there is nothing like a new and fresh glass piece every month.

The contents of the El Primo Box include:

  • RAW Clipper lighter
  • Bee-wick
  • A pack of Hawaiian Skunk papers (32 pack of 1 ¼ inch papers)
  • A screen filter for glass pipes
  • The Doob tube
  • A 50 pack of Trip 2 clear papers (1 ¼ inch)
  • A new glass pipe
  • A 50 pack of filters (tips)
  • A pack of 8 pipe cleaners to ensure your pipes remain clean until the next arrives
  • A sticker representing DHC
Daily High Club

Does the Daily High Club provide value?

When it comes to looking at the answer to this question, it depends on who you are as a person. If you’re someone who enjoys to change up their smoking products, then this can work out great for you.

So let’s take a quick look at who the Daily High Club works best for:

People who like the convenience of products being shipped to their door, and reviewing a discount at the same time

People who don’t have a lot of access to popular smoking options in their local areas

Anyone who enjoys a refreshing new stream of quality products

If any of those people sound like you, then the Daily High Club could be the best decision you make.


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