CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 Stacked Edition Review

CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 stacked edition
CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 stacked edition

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Size:91 x 26 x 26 mm

Battery: Dual 21700/20700/ 18650

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You have probably been thinking a lot about switching to vaping, or you have been enjoying the clouds for a while now. It is crucial that you find reliable products to use for your safety and your general well being.

Coilart Mage Mech V2.0 Mod Stacked edition is a worthwhile model among the many quality devices that Coilart offers. It is sturdy, versatile, and easy to operate to give you a smooth vaping experience. It is usable with three battery capacities, thus providing you with handy alternatives. Here is a review of the V2.0 mage mech stacked edition.



CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 stacked edition

Battery Form Factor:
Dual 21700 / 20700 / 18650 battery
510 Thread
Silver and golden fire pin

Package Contents

Included in the CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 stacked edition Device you will find:

  • 1 X MAGE MECH V2.0
  • 2 X 18650 ADAPTER

CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 Stacked Edition


CoilART Mage Mech V2.0 Mod comes in a gift box, so you do not need an extra wrapper if you are buying it for a loved one as a present. It is an elegant, thin, black piece with detachable parts to make maintenance a lot simpler. Its slim structure makes it easy to carry in your hands. The mod is usable as a single tube when using one battery.

However, with the extra stacking tube included in the pack, you can create a dual-battery series device. The power you get when using two batteries increases vapor production and boosts cloud flavor. When using the additional tube, the mod may not be as discreet, considering the extended length. However, it works just fine. Besides, the elongation enhances effective performance since you will be using two batteries.

Regarding material, this brand consists of a lasting brass body with an electroplating frosted coating. However, it comes in one shade only (black). If you need a different color, then you are out of luck. Perhaps the company should consider offering the stacked edition in other colors for a change. Nonetheless, black is a suitable color for all people, whether male or female.

The product has a smooth finish with a nice feel to ensure comfort when holding it. Nevertheless, the fire switch uses a magnet or is spring-loaded to ensure convenience. It is also simple to operate, saving you the frustration; you want a stress-free vaping experience and struggling to fire the mod ruins that.

The internal insulation aspect fosters safety to prevent accidents from occurring when using the mod. With the hybrid 510 connector, this product is usable with many atomizers of 26mm diameter. It links directly to the cell; therefore, enhancing power transfer for strong, fast hits. The gold plated pin ensures efficient firing and lowers heat as well. Note that hybrid connectors lack insulation, thus posing a huge risk. However, Coilart provides internal insulation to take care of that limitation.

Coilart mage mech v2.0 stacked


The Coilart Mage Mech V2.0 Mod stacked edition can work with 1850, 20700, or 21700. If you do not need the power of a dual cell arrangement, you can always go with a single battery. However, the manufacturer does not include batteries in the package. The self-adjusting contact allows you to use two batteries in series. You will have to buy them separately. The 4000mAh should be enough to make this mod effective in giving you the vapor and flavor you need.


The stacked design of the Coilart Mage Mech V2.0 Mod makes it a unique product on the market. Many other mods utilize dual batteries but not in the stackable series format. V2.0’s structure contributes to its slim, cylindrical frame which is easy to grasp, unlike box mods, which can be too big to hold comfortably.

This brand provides rich, refreshing clouds and flavors that quench your yearnings. If you are switching from smoking to vaping, you will find the cylindrical shape to be comfier and easy to hold.

The manufacturer designs Mage Mech to be a product that uses high-capacity batteries. They are responsible for the powerful hits and enormous clouds you get. As a beginner, you can start with a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 cells before adopting the dual battery style.

CoilART MAGE MECH V2.0 Stacked Edition

Pros and Cons


  • Offers remarkable hits with dual batteries
  • Has a solid frame for durability and stability
  • Features an ergonomic finish and a nice feel
  • Works fast to prevent a delay when vaping
  • Easy to operate
  • The hybrid 510 connection makes the mod more versatile.
  • Offers rich clouds, throat hits, and flavors


  • The batteries are sold separately.

Final Words

Vaping is safer than smoking because the nicotine material is not burnt but undergoes heating to provide vapor instead of smoke. The market has a wide range of products, including mods for you to browse and identify one that best suits your needs. They come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. However, they all work towards offering users satisfactory vaping experiences.

Coilart is one of the brand names you might come across when reading online. It offers a variety of mods, and Mage Mech V2.0 Mod Stacked Edition is one of them. It is a unique, cylindrical mechanical mod that offers users enhanced performance.

It uses several battery types, so you do not have to search for a specific kind. If you are great at vaping and in need of a hybrid mechanical mod, the stacked edition could be what you need. It has a hybrid connection that lets you get the most out of the mod and up your game in vaping. The brass body enhances longevity, while the frosted black paint adds beauty and protection to the device.

If you are worried about lack of insulation, this hybrid mod has internal insulation to boost safety levels. With the pros outweighing the cons, Coilart’s stacked edition is an item worth trying.

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