CoilART AZEROTH RTA Review-Dual&Triple Coil Supported


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Size: 52 x 24 x 24 mm

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If you’re looking for a DIY e-cigarette, then the CoilART AZEROTH RTA model has got your back, which supports both dual and triple coil building, adjustable airflow and top filling. Otherwise, where’s the fun in DIY e-cigs if you cannot find an inviting build-on deck to put your coil building skills to good use?

The Azeroth RTA is a 24 mm diameter and 4.5ml e-juice capacity builder-oriented interchangeable build deck platform. It’s been designed for flavor chasers who like something additional to the standard RDAs. It presents an aesthetic-looking gold plated design and an extra interchangeable dual coil build deck with four screws for self-assembled coils.

The RTA features the convenient top-fill design, stainless-steel wide-open drip tip, and adjustable bottom airflow that makes DIY e-cig experiences possible. The comfortable top-fill design makes it easy to use while the adjustable airflow facilitates smooth vaping.

Generally, therefore, the Azeroth RTA deploys features that allow for sophisticated customization. The patented coilART build deck invites you to put your coil building skills to use then get to vaping.




Atomizer Diameter:
Atomizer Capacity:
Filling Way:
Top filling
510 thread
Coil Supported:
triple and dual coils building (two different build decks)

Package Contents

Included in the CoilART AZEROTH RTA Device you will find:

  • 1 Azeroth RTA
  • 1 Pre-Installed Six Post, Triple Coil Deck
  • 1 Replacement Two-Post, Dual Terminal Deck
  • 1 Delrin Chuff Cap
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 Multi-Tool Screwdriver
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings



The CoilART AZEROTH RTA model is available in only two color options; you can pick the black or the stainless-steel RDA. The black Azeroth, however, is going to cost you a few dollars more than the other version. The Azeroth model has a 24mm diameter tank with a 4.5ml e-juice capacity, and the whole RDA stands at 52 mm height from the base to the drip tip.

The Drip tip design is a wide bore and has been machined into the top cap making it non-removable. If you want to use your drip tip, however, you can use a 510 adapter, but this will surely increase the height of the otherwise low-profile RDA.

In terms of manufacturing, the build quality of the Azeroth is good. From the nice, smooth threads to the excellent finishing, everything holds up well. Except just for the caveat that when you choose to screw on your favorite drip tip, be careful not to strip the smooth and soft threads away.



You are surely going to like the airflow profile on the CoilART Azeroth RDA. The airflow is maximum enough to keep the coils from burning and restricted sufficient for a nice lung hit. It can be adjusted from the triple adjustable bottom airflow slots but won’t get free enough for hardcore cloud chasing enthusiasts.

Build Deck

The CoilART Azeroth model presents an interchangeable build deck platform. It comes with a pre-installed triple coil build deck, and a dual post deck is also included in the kit. The platform, therefore, supports both double and triple coil designs.

The build deck design, however, is not the usual clamp style system found in most RDTAs. The dual coil build deck is an easy to build-on traditional two-post design while the triple coil build deck is a postless design. The latter being suitable for experienced coil builders.

The two-post velocity design of the dual coil build deck is inviting enough even for noobies. Building on the traditional two-post design deck has always been a piece of cake. And the Azeroth model takes this further by making use of Philips-head post screws with a vast distance between one screw and the next. You can therefore quickly fix your 9-wrap 24 gauge round coil builds without any hassles.

For experienced coil builders, the triple postless build deck is for you. And it’s much easier to build on as the negative and positive posts are located next to each other. This new and innovative triple postless deck is of a circular design so you can install three coils on its circumference. Each coil has an airflow slot under it, but they share the same wicking slot.

Generally, coil building is easy. Except for the triple coil build deck with its Allen screws that require a bit care when installing coils, the two-post build deck boasts of large post holes and vast distance, and you can fit your favorite massive coils easily and enjoy a stellar performance.



The CoilART Azeroth RDA model provides an above-average vape. While the performance does not rival that of the original Azeroth RDTA, it’s worth the $35 you’re going to spring up for it. And remember you’re vaping it the way you want it, so it depends on how excellent your skills are.

The Azeroth RDA is a feature-rich platform that strikes a perfect balance between flavor and cloud production. The conical chimney section and the Delrin top cap that has been designed to intensify the flavor. The adjustable airflow system provides ample cooling even when throttling at a high wattage.

Expect much better flavor when using bigger coils on the velocity style deck. The only caveat is that on the three-coil build deck, however, the flavor gets muted, if you were expecting full-range flavor, you’re going to get disappointed. And with all the work done to build on the deck, what a damn shame! But the cloud production is massive, which is somewhat a nice payoff.

Pros and Cons


  • Interchangeable build deck
  • Inviting build-on deck with large post hole and ample distance between posts
  • Bottom adjustable airflow design
  • Easy top-fill design
  • The restricted airflow is excellent.


  • The triple coil build deck makes use of Allen screws that can be stripped off easily.
  • The flavor range on the triple-style deck is not full-on.
  • Airflow is not massive enough for cloud chasing.
  • The proprietary drip tip design machined onto the top cap is a bore.

Final Words

In retrospect, while the CoilART Azeroth RDA doesn’t guarantee excellent performances, you could use improvements on the airflow settings, Delrin top cap threading and wicking ports on the triple coil deck, which does offer features for pleasant DIY e-cigarette experiences. When correctly set up, the velocity style deck gives some fantastic performances by bringing flavor to the forefront.

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