CBDistillery Review – Will They Manage to Stack up to Their Claims

CBD Isolate

CBDistillery is a US-based company founded in 2016 as a result of dissatisfaction with the state of the overpriced CBD market. The company quickly established a good reputation in the US and has since acquired recognition all around the world.

They boast with a beautiful price-to-quality ratio, as well as an extensive offering of different products. Even though the company is only a couple of years old, they seemingly thought of everything. Will they manage to stack up to their claims? Let’s find out.

General Overview

Origin of Products

Hemp quality plays the most vital role in the manufacturing process of CBD-based products. CBDistillery has full control over the entire process and grows its hemp across 900 acres of land, primarily in Colorado and Kentucky.

They are a member of the National Hemp Association, so you can be sure that their material is up to the highest industry standards. The company offers full production transparency and conducts five different tests to ensure that both hemp and the soil are in the best possible condition.

Lab Testing

CBDIstillery’s products are tested by an independent third-party lab ProVerde, which is a perfect sign of their credibility. The results for each category are available on their website, but they also come in the form of a scannable QR code that displays the analysis of that specific batch. This shows that the company truly cares about its customers’ health and trust.


Full Spectrum Oils (30ml): 250mg – $20, 500mg – $35, 1000mg – $60, 2500mg – $130, 5000mg – $240.

Isolates: 99%+ pure crystalline powder – starts at $30 for 1 gram, goes up to $2000. 99%+ pure CBDelicious – starts $28/gram, up to $1800.

Gummies: 25 pieces are containing 30mg of CBD each – $55. Two-pack is available for $90.

Capsules: full spectrum capsules, 30pcs/25mg – $50, 30pcs/30mg – $60, 60pcs/30mg – $115. THC-free capsules, 30pcs/30mg – $60, 60pcs/30mg – $115.

Topicals: CBDol Salve (500mg) – $5o, CBD Lip Balm (25mg) – $6, CBDefine Skin Cream (500mg) – $50, CBDol Relief Stick (500mg) – $40.

Vapes: Strawberry Lemonade, Lavender Vanilla, Grape Vape Pen or Cartridge (200mg) – $25. Grand Daddy Purp, GG#4 (200mg) – $28. E-liquid bottles (1000mg) – $55.

THC-Free CBD Oils (30ml): 250mg – $19, 500mg – $32, 1000mg – $55, 2500mg – $120, 5000mg – $210.

THC-Free Softgels: 30pcs/30mg – $60, 60pcs/30mg – $115.

CBD Pet Tinctures (30ml): 150mg – $20, 600mg – $38.

CBD Oils

The full-spectrum oil comes in 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000mg strength options. The 30ml bottles make it very portable and simple to use. You can either put it under the tongue as a tincture or add it to your food/beverages.

The product itself has a pure hemp taste with a slight tinge of sweetness due to the addition of coconut oil. It has proven to be very useful as a remedy for anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Using it right before going to bed will help you get a good night’s sleep and make you feel more energized in the morning.

Higher doses are recommended for those using it to battle chronic pain. It’s going to be very potent despite the chosen strength, but it’s nice knowing that there are options for both beginners and more experienced users. The 5000mg variation contains a massive amount of CBD – 167mg per 1ml of serving.

CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBD Isolates

These products represent CBD at its finest. With 99%+ purity and 0% THC content, both isolates can be used for pretty much anything, from vaping to cooking. Available sizes are 1, 10, and 100 grams.

Like the oils, isolates are also completely odorless and almost tasteless. Both CBDelicious formulation powder and crystalline powder contain no additional ingredients. You can mix either of the two with specific oils to create your own homemade tincture, or drip them into e-liquids for a CBD-based vape.

CBDistillery themselves also suggest using the isolates as an addition to cosmetic products such as lotions and creams. Since their purity is high, you’ll be able to reap the full therapeutic and medical benefits with no downsides. Due to their high potency, you’ll have to experiment for a bit to determine the proper dosage.

CBD Isolate

CBD Gummies

If you’re not a fan of the usual earthy hemp taste, these gummies are the solution to your problems. Each bottle contains a variety of different flavors, including raspberry, strawberry, and raspberry lemon. The strong hints of fruit completely overpower the bitterness of CBD. A tiny bit of added sugar gives these gummies a delicious taste while still retaining their efficacy and staying true to their organic nature.

Alongside the regular CBD gummies, CBDistillery has a nighttime variety that contains an additional 1.5mg of melatonin. Both products come in bottles containing 25 pieces, and each section has 30mg of CBD. This amount is more than enough to provide all the necessary benefits, and by taking the nighttime version, you’ll notice an improvement in your sleep quality. Besides, all ingredients are vegan-friendly without any traces of THC.

cbd gummies

CBD Capsules

Capsules are the fastest way to get your daily dose of CBD while in a hurry. They come in the form of 30mg softgels, either CBD isolates or full-spectrum, as well as 25mg capsules. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between them — full spectrum version contains traces of THC and other cannabinoids, while the isolates contain only CBD with 0% THC.

The effects take a bit more time to kick in while the capsule dissolves, but they’re arguably the most potent out of all the products available. The dosage is enough for the treatment of inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain, appetite loss, etc. As with most of the other products, capsules are vegan-friendly.

CBDistillery CBD Capsules

CBD Topicals

To provide relief for your body on the outside, CBDistillery offers CBDol topical salve, a lip balm, a relief stick, and a skincare cream. All of them come with 500mg of CBD except the 25mg lip balm.

The topical salve and relief stick serves as a remedy to painful/inflammatory areas of the skin. They’re quite similar in terms of ingredients, except the relief stick contains menthol. The skin care cream moisturizes and repairs broken skin, making it especially suitable for the elderly. With the combination of essential oils, glycerin, and CBD, this cream will help you achieve that youthful, healthy look.

CBDistillery CBD Topicals

CBD Vapes

Their vape lineup has the wealthiest variety out of the bunch. Pens, cartridges, and e-liquids bring seven different flavors, with most of them being fruit-based. Vape pens and cartridges come exclusively with the 200mg strength options. Both are disposable, which means that you’ll have to purchase a new one after you’ve exhausted the liquid. Unfortunately, CBDistillery doesn’t currently sell reusable vape pens.

CBD e-liquid bottles are labeled as ‘extra strength’ due to their 1000mg CBD content. A significant upside is that they contain no nicotine, PG, or VG, so there’s no risk of developing an addiction. These e-liquids can be used on their own or mixed with other ones.

Since they contain TEC oil, both the cartridges and the pens provide a very lovely draw without any leakage. However, keep in mind that they do contain traces of THC, but it’s utterly unnoticeable at less than 0.01%.

CBDistillery CBD Vape


For those undergoing regular drug tests, THC-free products are a must. For this category, CBDistillery uses a particular ethanol extraction method to ensure that every cannabinoid gets removed except CBD.

The THC-free pure CBD oils retain the same natural hemp taste and effectiveness of their full spectrum counterparts. There are no psychoactive compounds or added ingredients, which is why the THC-free version is slightly cheaper. The only additional item in this product group is the 30mg CBD isolate softgel, which is surprisingly priced the same as the one containing traces of THC.

CBDistillery THC-Free Pure CBD Oil

CBD Pet Products

To maximize the safety of your furry companion, the CBD pet tinctures are created using cold-pressed hemp seed oil. There are only two size options – 150mg and 600mg – which is more than enough for a pet of any stature. The website has a suggested serving by weight chart to prevent under dosages and overdosages.

Alongside dogs, these tinctures can also be administered to cats, but you should pay special attention to how much you give them since they’re smaller. The oils are specially made to suit the specific digestive systems of both cats and dogs. A lot of users have reported a significant improvement in the energy levels of their pets, especially older ones.

CBD Pet Product

Pros & Cons


  • A massive product lineup that follows an exact set of rules and procedures
  • Third-party lab tests confirm the company’s claims and ensure their customers’ safety
  • ISO certified and a member of the National Hemp Association
  • All products are extremely potent and contain a high concentration of CBD
  • A wide variety of strength options (and flavor options for the vape lineup)
  • The prices are laughable for the quality that CBDistillery offers


  • The lack of reusable vape pens is quite inconvenient
  • Product strength might be too overwhelming for some users


CBDistillery offers some of the best CBD products that you can buy. It’s surprising how they manage to sell this kind of quality for such a small amount of money when compared to some of its competitors.

It’s uncommon these days to see companies go to the lengths of joining associations and gaining certifications to gain the trust of their customers. Even though they’re still reasonably young, CBDistillery managed to live up to the expectations and deserves recognition as one of the best companies in the CBD industry right now.

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