CBD Oil Vape Pen, Is It Right for You?

As many states are legalizing recreational marijuana, and many more have legalized medical marijuana, the uses for CBD oil seems to be growing significantly. Besides the substantial body of medical literature showing CBD’s use for epileptic seizures, current research is moving into studying its use to treat arthritis and manage insomnia and a variety of painful ailments, according to Harvard Health Magazine.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a significant ingredient in marijuana but can also be extracted from hemp. The hemp derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, and there is bipartisan support for legalization of hemp.

What Is a CBD Oil Vape Pen?

Vape pens and e-cigarettes use heat to raise the temperature of a solution of liquids to a vaporization point. And they allow the user to inhale the vapor. They have been recently popularized as an alternative to traditional tobacco burning. And many CBD users have seen the advantage that administering a dosage via a vaporizing device may offer.

Oil vape pens use a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as the base for suspending the CBD oil as a vapor. There are single use cannabis oil vape pens, cartridge-based CBD e-cigarettes, and refillable vape pens with a tank for holding the juice.

Why CBD Through Vaping

One of the most well-known methods for consuming CBD oil is via eatables, like gummies and brownies. When CBD is processed through your digestive system, the system processes it. And your organs filter out a significant portion of the CBD before letting it into your bloodstream.

If the CBD is desired for pain medication, it will spread throughout your body once enters your bloodstream. The advantage of vaping for CBD consumption is that more of the CBD will enter your blood. Then providing more results for less CBD than if it is consumed via digestion.

This also prevents some of the carcinogen effects and legal issues with smoking medical marijuana. Because the vaporizing machine does not oxidize the product as much as a joint would.

This also leads to the next question, though. Is the vape pen safe? The jury is still out on a lot of vaping. A recent study released in the AHA Journals describes a test of specific flavors used in nicotine vape pens and e-cigarettes. The test demonstrated these flavors could cause damage to heart and blood vessel cells.

There are other studies look at the changing chemical nature of flavors.

These studies go to show that just because a flavor may be safe to eat. It doesn’t mean it will absolutely be safe to inhale. Lungs are entirely different organs from the digestive system. And the process of heating liquids can cause many unknown chemical reactions.

Types of CBD Oil Vape Pen

CBD Oil Vape Pen Is It Right for You

As discussed earlier, there are three basic categories of a cannabis oil vape pen – single use, reusable cartridge, and reusable tank vaporizers. When it comes to the expanded options for pens, atomizers, vaporizers and more, there is an amazing number of options for CBD vaping.

The single-use pen may be more expensive over the long run, because you have to buy a new pen rather than adding more juice. For someone who needs more regular CBD dosages, a single-use pen might be too light.

But, for someone who needs light pain management, single-use pens greatly reduce the hassle.

For people who need larger amounts CBD delivering, a cartridge pen will likely provide the best of use and access. Rather than buying a new pen after the juice runs out, you can easily swap out the cartridge for another.

The drawback for a cartridge-based pen is the fact that there’s not numerous available cartridges to choose.

Finally, there is a tank pen. This reusable pen is best for whom want to enjoy CBD vaping and possibly tradition e-cigarette juices as well. A vaporizer with a tank will give you the ability to choose CBD oil variety available on the market.

How Much CBD Should You Vape?

This is one of the biggest questions of CBD consumption. Because of how long it was illegal and taboo to use CBD as a medical and recreational tool, there is limited evidence on the best dosages for specific ailments.

Surprisingly, there is also little evidence on how much oil is too much.

So, your dosage amounts, flavoring, and other choices are dependent on your own body’s needs. Before you use CBD for medical reasons, you should figure out the negative interaction with your current medicines.

Besides it, the scientific community does not have accurate enough information to create dosage instructions.

The oil is good for treating pain, insomnia, and seizures. When considering how much to consume, listen to your body’s communication. The side effects of cannabidiol can include nausea, fatigue, and irritability.

If you have any of these symptoms after vaping, it is best to stop and think about what may be causing these. It might be the oil, or it might be the solvents it is dissolved in.

Some people have a low tolerance for propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. These are the food-grade products that make vaporizers work. Their low boiling point and viscosity allow the vape pen to create a low-temperature cloud without full oxidization, and flame like a traditional joint.

And, some people might react to the flavor used within the vape juice.

For CBD consumers using vape pens to treat medical conditions, selecting the right mix and pen type may take some trial and error. But, one you find what works, keep it. The medical benefit you receive is worth more than the entertainment value of the CBD vaporizer.

However, if your prime concern with CBD vaping is recreational use, then you should experiment and find which flavor and product benefit you the most.

Whether it is a single-use pen for a quick and clean break, or a refillable tank with all the flavors, you will find something you can enjoy.

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