Breaking Down the New Vaping Law in Vermont

Breaking Down the New Vaping Law in Vermont

Alarmist fears over vaping have been common ever since it went mainstream. In fact as a vaper, the one constant is having to explain yourself to friends and family who judge the practice based on misinformation.

While there is a growing body of research that has shown that vaping is one of the most effective tools to help one quit or reduce smoking, a lot of people remain skeptical.

This has resulted in a continuing debate on the effect of vaping on impressionable teens and user’s long term health.

Many are concerned that the younger generation is being influenced to accept e-cigarettes and hence vaping needs to be restricted, even with little evidence to their claims.

Vermont becomes one of many states to ban all online vaping sales in just one of many misguided regulations.

As it was to be expected, the news has drawn a lot of controversy with public health and vaping communities reacting in quite different ways. Those opposed to vaping saw it as a positive step towards fighting the teenage vaping epidemic.

On the other hand, vaping advocates criticized lawmakers for passing the legislation quickly without analyzing all the evidence.

Reports assert that the governor intends to sign the bill into law once it lands on his desk. This will make it harder to get your favorite supplies and may cause many to revert to smoking according to experts.

The Latest Ban

The Vermont Senate is sending a stern warning to the vaping industry that should send a chill down the spine of ardent vapers. The state Senate voted 30-0 to pass a bill banning vaping sales across Vermont.

There are few bills that have ever got such unanimous support in the state senate. For the senators, this is seen as a significant blow on the increasing problem of teenage vaping.

Defending their decision, they referred to alarming data never made public and even made a case that not even adults should be able to buy vaping supplies online. The legislation is set to be implemented as early as July 2019.

The development will mean that vaping enthusiasts in Vermont will have to make huge changes. The lawmakers insist that adult vapers should easily be able to get their supplies from their local vaping shop, though this may not be practical for most vapers.

Some have medical issues or lack transportation, some do not have a vaping shop in their locality, and some just find it less convenient. There are a lot of reasons why some vapers might decide that vaping is too much work and quit altogether. The result will be vapers going back to easily accessible smoking supplies.

Why Support Vaping?

Lawmakers need to dive deeper into peer-reviewed literature that supports vaping if they genuinely believe that it is harmful to teenagers.

The assertion that vaping could lead to a new generation of smokers has already been debunked.

Action on Smoking and Health conducted a study that involved more than 60,000 students and established that a minuscule 0.1 percent of nonsmoking teens vaped more than twice.

This means that a very insignificant number of those vapers could end up as smokers based on their experiences with vaping.

We have a lot of evidence showing that vaping is highly effective as a smoking cessation measure.

A University of Louisville study established that of all the smoking cessation tools and methods out there, vaping is one of the most effective.

Things get clearer when you look at the positive benefits of vaporizers. For instance, according to a report by Public Health England, vaping reduces the harm done that one could get from smoking by up to 95%.

Report after report has come out to assert that the toxicants in vapes are up to 93% less concentrated than in cigarettes.

However, the Journal of Aerosol Science report takes the cake. It reported that smokers have are up to 57,000 times more likely to develop cancer as compared to vapers with a similar health profile.


There is no denying that things could have been a lot worse with the passing of the misguided legislation in Vermont. But this does not mean that we should accept and be happy with the changes.

Vaping is not only about getting a hit of nicotine, as it is one of the most effective ways for people to quit their smoking habit.

With smoking responsible for the death of more people across the world than any other preventable cause we have to fight to ensure that vaping gains broad acceptance.

The most effective way of doing this is by using evidence and teaching nonsmokers and smokers about the benefits of switching from cigarettes to vaping.

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