Founded in 2010 in Shenzhen China, Aspire has become a dominate brand in the vape industry known for its innovation, quality, style, and simplicity. Aspire‘s global reach extends around the world with almost 30 certified distributors devoted to our “Customer Comes First” attitude in assuring customer satisfaction. Currently, Aspire is focused on next generation vape devises to meet the demands of an ever-changing market with a desire to provide exciting models that achieve fresh, and healthy experiences for the world over. At Aspire we aspire to innovate the way you vape.


Electronic Cigarette
Building 3, Xinhongtai Industrial Park, 14 Jian’an Rd, Tangwei, Fuyong Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
Liu Quanfang
1,001-5,000 people
For Profit


Aspire quality control system continues to shape its products. They have combined strengths, expertise, and talent with other designers and researchers across the globe to make sure safe & cutting-edge e-cigarette are accessible wherever you are. They aim to create and maintain a healthy vaping culture for the millions of their customers across the globe.
By factoring user personalities in their e-cigarette products, the Aspire R&D team has brought forth products that speak to vapers. Besides, their team keeps innovating and developing Aspire’s products and has gained lots of patents like AIO(All-In-One) Kit Patent, Single-Use Sealing Vape Cartridge Patent and Squonk AIO KIT Patent.


Aspire Breeze NXT

Adjustable airflow on the side
Replaceable coils
Automatic draw or fire button for choice
Easy side filling
Bypass output mode
No constant output
  • Pocketable and sleek
  • Resounding click fire button
  • Battery LED light indicator
  • Large 1000 MAH battery capacity
  • Suitable with many e-liquits
  • Easy to check level of e-juice with improved material
  • Simple and adjustable airflow
  • Offer strong and deap hits
  • 12 seconds Auto cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • Battery is in-build
  • Drip top is hard to take off
Aspire’s Breeze range is an impressive one. This range includes hybrid all-in-one devices that are sleek, portable, and comfortable to use. Aspire Breeze NXT is the latest addition to this range. There are two main aspects in which the Aspire Breeze NXT varies from its predecessors.

First, it features an adjustable airflow control system. Thus, users can adjust the airflow based on the amount of juice and flavor they want with each drag. Second, the new Aspire Breeze features a unique coil system. With this new coil system, users can change coils even when the tank is filled with e-liquid.

The width of the mouthpiece is just enough to provide a strong, not too airy draw that manages to transfer the flavor extremely well. The coils are fairly large and contain impressive wicking properties. Mesh coils are going to bring out the most out of every e-juice, but it would be nice if the device supported more than one type of coils.

The Aspire Breeze NXT features a hefty 1000mAh battery with a maximum output of 20W. Since the device itself is extremely lightweight, you won’t even notice it. If you’re a really heavy vaper, it’s going to be just enough to last you the whole day (almost 12 hours). For beginners, it can easily go for a couple of days on a single charge.

Aspire Reax Mini Kit

Hybrid mod
Small and compact kit
Aesthetic looking
The bypass mode works well with high resistance coils
Adjustable airflow tank
Safety features
Easy top-fill design tank
The selection numerals on Reax Mod are quite small
No wide coil ranges, only Nichrome
  • Lightweight
  • Cheaper
  • 4 colored rubber cuffs included
  • 510 Threaded
  • Asjustable airflow for huge vapors
  • Convenient top e-juice filled system
  • Brilliant flavor
  • Top cap is not easy to remove
  • Top cap easily get hot with 0.2Ω coil
  • Thin e-liquid would leak out sometims
  • 3.5ml tank capacity is not enough
The Aspire Reax Mini Kit is the latest addition onto the Aspire series of kits and as the name suggests it is an ideal kit for purse or pocket transportation. It’s been designed for both Mouth to Lung (MTL), and restrictive Direct to Lung (DTL) draws, so you can vape it the way you desire.

The tigon tank is a stainless steel 24.5mm diameter and 2ml capacity tank with Delrin drip tip. It’s assembled from 6 parts (the screw and coil included) and can be easily dismantled using the screw adjustment tool for cleanup operations.

The 1.2ohm coil gives lovely MTL draws. Starting at conservative 10W and airflow at half of the MTL setting produces some reasonably good flavor. If you then up the settings to full range, you’re going to enjoy a 1W sweet spot that gives dense vapor with consistent warmth and full range flavor.

With the 0.4ohm coil, the vape is automatically placed into bypass mode. The vapor quality is, however, invitingly warm and cloudy even when airflow is set to half. The hit is smooth and restricted enough, making the DTL experience a success.

The mod boasts of intelligent battery life indicator, located at the base, close to the Micro USB charge port. The base also features a selection button and a wattage selection screen you can use to navigate through favorite wattage level presets – 8W/ 10W/12W/14W/16W and Bypass.

Aspire AVP Pod

Power adjustment button with 3 different wattage settings
700mAh battery capacity
Perfect for newbies: less hassle and easy to operate
No unnecessary spillage
Excellent flavor and warm vapor
Non-adjustable temperature settings
Non-adjustable airflow
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • 6 colors optional
  • 4.5ml pod capacity
  • 1000 MAH build-in battery
  • 2 Trusted 1.8Ω BVC coils
  • Use with regular e-juice and nicotine salts
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Great for mouth to lung experience
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • 10 seconds Auto cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • Over heat protection
  • Difficult to see the e-juice level
  • Not easy to refill e-juice
Aspire AVP is a small, handy, sleek vape pod which features an all-in-one set-up where you can simply refill your juice pods rather than buying a new one.

The Aspire AVP is sleek and small which is made to look like the car key of a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Measuring 82mm by 39mm by 14mm, it is constructed with zinc-aluminum alloy construction which features a shiny metal finish, side panels made of carbon fiber, and five colors to choose from (Purple, Orange, Gray, Black, and Rainbow).

The AVP vape pod is fuelled by a 700mAh battery that is rechargeable through the bottom of the vape pod where a USB port can be found. The pod can be found at the top of the AVP, which is tinted and is equipped with 1.2-ohm Nichrome coils that help optimize the usage of the varying wattage settings of the pod. Unfortunately, these coils are not replaceable, so you’ll have to buy another pod if you want to change the coil.

But the kit comes with an extra pod, so you don’t have to go rushing to buy an extra pod once you get the kit. The pod can carry up to 2.0ml of juice so you won’t need to refill the pods now and then. There is also an air hole at the side of the pod, which allows air to flow through the chambers of the AVP.

Aspire Cleito Shot Tank

Can be kept as backup tanks
Great flavor
Easy to refill
Descent coil lifespan
Increased heating surface area
Prismatic diamond appearance
Non-adjustable airflow
The drip tip tends to pick fluff from the pocket when in transportation.
  • 5 colors option
  • Refillable 3.5ml cartridge
  • The protective drip tip cap
  • Fire button easily operating
  • Well-known BVC coils: 1.8Ω and 1.2Ω
  • Works with nicotine salts
  • LED light battery indicator
  • Adjustable airflow on the bottom
  • Automatic Cut Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Bottom refill is a little inconvenient
The Aspire Cleito Shot is a disposable 4.3ml leak-free e-juice platform with top-fill design and runs on a mesh coil system. The tank boasts of colorful diamond-style design with the top cap edges surfaced like a clean-cut diamond to complete the exquisite look.

The tank can be filled conveniently from the top; screw and remove the top cap away then directly add your favorite vape juice via the filling port. The design itself is leak-free so don’t worry about messy droplets accumulations in areas they’re not supposed to be.

The heating mechanism is the impressive mesh coil design, with the Cleito shot boasting of an inbuilt mesh coil that clocks in at 0.3ohm, which is low enough for massive clouds production.

To begin with, the Cleito shot comes in a various assortment of stylish color finishes that easily form matching combos with fan-favorite mods. The top of the tank features a non-removable drip tip machined directly onto the top cap resulting into a single unit. The tap cap edges feature a diamond-like surfacing that enables a comfortable grip. The plastic used is the high-grade PCTG that is resistant to cracking.

Expect to receive the full flavor range, all the individual notes of the vape juice and a smooth hit. The mesh coil design guarantees even and efficient vaporization while the blended organic wicking material preserves flavor integrity.


Since when did Aspire exist?

Aspire was created in 2013 as a vape brand by Eigate which started making vape products from 2010.

What is their mission?

Growing together with their brand, their employees, their suppliers and their clients.

What are they most proud of?

Aspire has a professional product R&D team as well as a strict quality control system, they created so many revolutionary technologies (first refillable tank, first airflow adjustable tank, BDC, BVC, first refillable sub-ohm tank…) and introduced these technologies to vaping industry and impact on the vaping industry most.

Where are their production facility and office?

Production facility: Dongguan and Shenzhen, China;

Office: Shenzhen, China

What were their first product?

The disposable pen-style e-cigarette was their first product when their factory started; and the CE5 series was first product of aspire brand.

What do they consider their best product of all time?

Nautilus(mini) and Atlantis, Nautilus is best for mouth to lung, while Atlantis is best for direct to lung.

Why do they consider them their best products of all time?

Nautilus(mini) is the first vape tank which has adjustable airflow and bottom vertical coil. It optimized vapers’ experience from the old products with best flavor production, even 99% vapers started vaping with aspire Nautilus(mini); Atlantis is the first refillable Sub-Ohm tank. It enabled every person to enjoy direct to lung vaping experience like RDA without building by themselves, and it brought sub ohm tank concept to the industry. Both Nautilus(mini) and Atlantis started a new era of vaping industry.

What are their target audience?

Aspire has very rich and complete product lines, including starter kits, close pod systems, mouth to lung tanks, sub-ohm tanks, different box mods, and various kits, so no matter what kind of vape products people need, they can find them all from aspire, their target audiences cover all of the different vapers.

Will we ever get a Nautilus 3? How about a Breeze 3?

Nautilus 3? Good idea! Aspire would make this a future plan, as they are always working best on improving their products to give aspire fans best vape experience.

And for Breeze 3? Tell you a secret, you’ll see a new Breeze member soon.

CE4, Nautilus, Atlantis, Cleito. Which of these lines of tanks do they think had the most impact on the vaping industry?

CE4, Nautilus, Atlantis all impact on the vaping industry most.

CE4: First refilling clearomizer in the industry

Nautilus: First airflow adjustable tank in the industry, and bottom dual coil design revolutionized the e-cigarette industry.

Atlantis: First refillable sub-ohm tank in the industry

Cleito: First coil that replaces the standard chimney in the industry

Give us the story behind the BVC coils. How did they come to be and what was their effect on the industry?

Did they ever tell you aspire boss is a crazy engineer? The BVC concept was from their boss. He was a very talented but strict engineer, and of course, a completist. When he created Nautilus, he found the old BDC (bottom dual coils) were not good enough even he vaped in best airflow. To get a better flavor production, he tried several methods to install the coil. Then after hundreds of tests, he finally  found when he put the heating wire vertically. It could maximally evaporate the e-liquid, and then BVC(Bottom vertical coil) was born.

In 2014, the vape tanks were still very simple. They didn’t have lots of functions and good flavor. BVC was the first coil technology that focused on flavor performance. It improved vapers’ experience, and let the vape industry know vaping products technology can be better and better.

What would aspire like to invent to help vaping move forward?

They are always devoting themselves to change the vaping world with revolutionary technology and products. What they want to bring to aspire customers are something with long service life and best performance.