Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juice Review: Stunning Aromas

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices
Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices

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Bottle Size: 30ml

CBD Strength:125, 250, 500, 750 and 1000mg

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Based in the US, Blue Moon Hemp was founded in 2015 and produces a range of different CBD products. Ever since their establishment, they wanted to provide the purest CBD experience using only the highest quality ingredients, while still keeping a somewhat affordable price point. They aim to make the public conscious of all the health benefits CBD has to offer. With the wide variety of flavors and their noble goal of spreading awareness, it’s no wonder that Blue Moon Hemp CBD vape juice managed to acquire a large customer base.

Their primary mission is to remove the stigma surrounding hemp and cannabis. All of their products are THC free and only contain hemp-extracted CBD that’s grown on the US farms so that they won’t induce a high. The ingredients are acquired through eco-friendly farming without any dangerous chemicals or artificial ingredients, to create a so-called ‘wellness’ product.

Blue Moon Hemp offers everything from tinctures and gummies to pet treats, but e-liquids are their trademark product.



Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices

Bottle Size:
CBD Strength:
125, 250, 500, 750 and 1000mg
THC Content:
VG/PG Ratio:
Kush, Red Devil, Flan, Pure, and Black Kat

Overview of Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices

The company presents five different flavors in five different strengths. The variations are:

  • Kush
  • Red Devil
  • Flan
  • Pure
  • Black Kat

All of them can be bought with different CBD content. The strength options are named after the lunar phases, which is a nod to the company’s name:

  • Quarter Moon (125mg) – $25.00
  • Half Moon (250mg) – $49.00
  • Three Quarter Moon (500mg) – $69.00
  • Full Moon (750mg) – $89.00
  • Total Eclipse (1000mg) – $99.00

All of the liquids are packed in 30ml bottles. They are manufactured in an ISO certified lab and go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality and purity. The lab results are transparent and available on the Blue Moon website. The company has an interest in educating people, which is noticeable through many resources for both newbies and professionals alike that are contained on their website. If you’re still skeptic, they have a Certificate of Analysis to back up their claims.

The bottles are black with a different colored sticker based on the chosen taste – green, red, purple, yellow and silver. Each bottle contains only the latest batch of e-liquid, and it’s about time they went through a taste test.

Pure: Taste the Nature

If you want to go back to where it all started, the Pure juice offers a classic, original taste of the first CBD e-liquids. It captures all the elements of the whole plant extract, giving it a slight kick while still keeping it relatively light and efficient. Those that like the pure, untouched CBD taste are going to enjoy this one, since it has no added natural or artificial flavorings.

The liquid is very dense and thick, with a yellowish color that gravitates towards brown. It has a somewhat strong earthy taste that’s not too overwhelming, but also slightly sweet due to the vegetable glycerin that it contains. You can add it to your favorite e-liquid to give it a slight CBD infusion that’s not going to interfere with the taste.

Overall, if you want to taste the essence of the cannabis plant or spice up your current juice, Pure is the right choice.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices Pure

Kush: A Slight Variation

Similar to the last one, Kush aims to bring the natural flavor of the cannabis strain that goes by the same name. The herby taste is infused with citrus elements that give it a fruity background aroma. The juice contains a large number of terpenes – organic compounds found in herbs, so you can be sure that the flavor is going to be rich and highly representative of the actual plant.

Kush is an excellent choice for those that enjoy a raw taste with a slight twist. It can be a good addition to any e-liquid that’s based on grapefruit, orange or any citrus fruit. The flavor is strong enough to be vaped on its own if that’s what you prefer.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices Kush

Red Devil: Fruit Mix

The Red Devil is a true barrage of flavors, mixing nine different berries and tropical fruits. You’ll taste everything from strawberries and oranges to mango and tangerine. If that’s not enough, the subtle vanilla aftertaste puts a finishing touch to this incredible mix.

This e-juice is the exact definition of a refreshing, fruitful experience that’s going to leave you stunned. Red Devil is undoubtedly one of, if not the best flavor that Blue Moon Hemp CBD vape juice has to offer.

As expected, the vape has a noticeably sweeter taste in comparison to Pure and Kush. However, the sugar is not overpowering but complements the fruit rather well to bring out the taste. It’s healthy AND tasty – what more could you ask for?

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices Red Devil

Flan: A Stunning Dessert

Named after the famous Spanish dessert, Flan has been called the creme brulee of vape juices. The taste of creamy vanilla with the hint of caramel separates this flavor from any other on the market. Even though it has some custard-like hints to it, the vanilla comes out on top to bring just enough sweetness. Whether you like sweets or not, you’ll find it hard not to love this tasty, caramel laced masterpiece.

If you’re a type that enjoys the true CBD essence, this might not be an appropriate flavor for you. Flan manages to fully mask the trademark earthy taste of CBD liquids, which could be both an advantage or disadvantage depending on the person. Still, this is a must-try for dessert lovers.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices Flan

Black Kat: Breakfast Time

We rarely see a cereal-based flavor, but this is precisely what Black Kat tries and surprisingly manages to pull off. The aroma is similar to the Lucky Charms cereal in a bowl of sweet milk with just a sprinkle of cinnamon. As far as the vape goes, it’s going to be significantly creamy due to the milk. The marshmallows in the background add a fair bit of sugar to the whole mix.

This flavor goes well in conjunction with the base CBD taste. The creamy sweetness gets shut down a bit by the spicy cinnamon toast to give it a nice punch. With this juice, you won’t even have to get out of your bed for breakfast!

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Juices Black Kat


The flavors are rich and well-crafted, with particular attention to the ingredient quality. Whether you like the pure taste, a dessert or a fruit flavor, there are enough options to satisfy everyone. It’s clear just by looking at the e-liquid density that it’s one of the most top-tier products that you can buy today.

There are still a lot of people that are not familiar with the multiple health benefits of CBD. It’s nice to see the company’s passion for educating the public and revealing the truth behind proper cannabis and hemp use. They care about their customers, and that is why they are such a big name in the vaping community.

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