Beverly Hills Will Be Banning Vaping and Other Tobacco Products

Beverly Hills Will Be Banning Vaping and Other Tobacco Products

The Beverly Hills City Council will determine whether to ratify an ordinance seeking to ban the sale of tobacco and vaping products in the city. Should the law pass it would make this the first city in the nation to pass these regulations on such a grand scale?

All this was apparently started by health advocacy groups concerned with the adverse effects of smoking. This argument has, however, been refuted by several experts who state that there are many harmless e-cigarettes and it would be wrong to include them in the list.

There are currently 25 licenses issued to various stores to sell cigarette products and all these people will be negatively affected and have their incomes drop. It is also important to note that three high-end cigar lounges will still be allowed to keep their licenses which is unfair to people who aren’t rich and also creates an artificial monopoly in the city.

A report presented by the health advocacy groups pushing this agenda includes a section detailing how business experts will help business owners’ transition from the sale of cigarette products.

But what this report fails to note is that the various hotels, pharmacies and gas stations won’t simply lose revenue on cigarette sales. Instead their overall revenues will fall because smokers will simply leave the city to get what they want regardless of how the city council votes.

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