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Best Vape Shops in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Looking for the best vape shops in Hong Kong? Well, look no further as Hong Kong is home to some of the finest vape shops in the world. No matter what you are looking for, vape mods, e-liquids or tanks, you can rest assured that you will find whatever you need in the vape shops listed below.


The Cloudy Smoke Shop is a state of the art store that stocks plenty of vape products. Having been operational for 3 solid years, it has emerged as one of the top suppliers of various vape products in Hong Kong. This shop also retails quality nicotine and tobacco-free products to its customers.

If you are an enthusiast of the Hydro brand, then Cloudy Smoke is the ideal shop to visit. Besides that, the shop has a rich variety of flavors, tanks, and kits.

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vape shop in Hongkong

Etank Vapor

Etank Vapor is another well-established vape shop in Hong Kong. Apart from having their own unique e-liquids, they are also known to stock other popular brands. You can find some of your favorite mods, liquids, tanks as well as starter kits in this shop.

What sets Etank Vapor apart from others is their outstanding customer service. Whatever you may be in need of, you can be sure that their staff will go out of their way to help you get it.

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vape shop in Hongkong

InDragonet Vape

InDragonet Vape shop offers the ultimate vaping experience. If you’d like to try out numerous vape flavors, then you are in for a great treat here.

Some of the most popular fruit flavors available include kiwi and apple. Additionally, this shop stocks a wide array of tanks, mods, and kits.

The InDragonet Vape stocks world-renowned vaping brands. If there is a particular vaping product that you are looking for in Hong Kong, then InDragonet is definitely your best bet.

In some reviews, customers have given some interesting insight into this shop. One of their esteemed customers claims that it encompasses everything that a vape shop should be.

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vape shop in Hong kong


The story behind the eSmoke Vape shop is inspiring. Just to tell you a little bit about it, it was begun by two smokers who were looking for an alternative to cigarette smoking. Upon discovering vaping, they never looked back. They loved the idea behind e-cigarettes and vaping to such an extent that they made their business to persuade regular smokers to vape instead.

For this reason, you will find lots of intermediate and beginner vape products at eSmoke. In case you want a product that they may not have, you can place a special order and they will get it for you. Nonetheless, this shop stocks liquids from top U.S manufacturers, including Halo, Suicide Bunny, Kings Crown, and Evo.

Before any of vape products are sold in this shop, the owners take it upon themselves to test them. This is to make sure that all their products meet or surpass industry standards. Safety is of the essence to the proprietors of this business, which explains why some of their products have safety features such as a child lock.

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vape shop in Hong Kong

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