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Best Vape Shops in Chicago


Vaping is one of the most special pastimes which has taken not just the country, but its major cities by storm. Whether you are looking for your favorite e-liquids, e-juices, or even vaping accessories, you can easily find them both in high-quality and at great prices at some of the best vape shops in Chicago.

We, therefore, cannot fail to let you in on some of them.

Cloud Vapor Lounge

2497 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
at Sacramento Ave
Logan Square

The hot spot is located Milwaukee Avenue’s Logan Square, and it’s known for its endless throngs of customers. One of the reasons lies in its vast selection when it comes to juice flavors. Also, customers are at liberty to taste as much as they can until they finally find the right flavor.

The place also prides itself in its weekly e-liquid selections, coupled with its vaping consultant who ensures that only high-quality vaping products are on display. You can also benefit from its very personalized customer service and support.

For example, they send you a customized email reminding of any services that are due to you. This makes you feel they not only remember you but continue to care about your unique vaping needs.

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Level Vape

1747 W North Ave
Unit C
Chicago, IL 60622
b/t Wood St & Hermitage Ave
West Town, Wicker Park

If you are looking for a combination of class, sophistication and healthy inhalation, then Level Vape is your all-time spot. It is conveniently situated in North Avenue’s Wicker Park and comprising of just the right display of products. For example, you are spoilt for choice in terms of their e-liquids products, devices as well as premium e-cigarettes.

The shop’s primary purpose is to meet the vaping needs of each customer that happens to check in. It does not matter what level you at in vaporizing; the shop staff always prepare to give you the basic rules on the how-tos.

They also take you on all-round shop tour so that you can select from the best of the best, at equally reasonable prices. If you are a lover of local art, then you are in luck.

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1722 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
b/t St Paul Ave & Bloomingdale Ave

Vape, currently located in Chicago’s Western Avenue, is famed for its very humble beginnings. Although they have expanded to cater for a more extensive customer base, they still serve more and more people because of the affordable prices they offer for most of their products.

Besides excellent prices, this vaping spot is also known for its friendly customer support. The staffs are readily on standby mode to explain and offer answers to any of the questions by their customers. There is also a wide range of top quality products, allowing you to treat yourself in some of the exceptional and high-quality brands.

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3221 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
b/t School St & Belmont Ave

This vape shop is one of the most popular shops among the city’s vaping populations. It is situated in Lakeview and on North Sheffield Avenue. It’s also well ensconced between School Street and Belmont Avenue. The reason why it attracts an impressive number of customers is because of the extensive and versatile product range.

For instance, you can’t miss out on the very latest brands of hardware, juices, and liquids. What you want is what you find, while also exploring new high-quality brands. Most customers speak highly of the great product flavors, but also the general pleasant smell in the atmosphere.

Having won the title of “Best Antismoke Shop,” the spot is known for its healthy smoking practices. Smoke is so well controlled, and the scent is heavenly. Another outstanding feature you love at this place is its friendly and welcoming staff, while the environment itself is also particularly clean. Furthermore, clients get to enjoy their free mod service if they so wish.

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VapeCity Chicago

1213 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60614
b/t Lincoln Ave & Racine Ave
Lincoln Park, DePaul

VapeCity remains one of the city’s most busy and popular spots for vapers. Although it’s mainly located in Lincoln Park, it has other equally functional branches in Skokie and Mount Prospect. Customers get to enjoy some of the best quality e-liquids, as well as a wide range of devices.

The shop and its branches are known for excellent services. You can even choose to go for personalized delivery services. The shop boasts of some of the best customers’ reviews because of the experience they have had, both in terms of the product brand, range and also because of the focused customer support services you can access.

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