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Best THC Vape Juice – All You Need to Know

THC vape juice

There is no other popular way of smoking both cannabis and nicotine other than through vaping. This practice has been there since time immemorial, and lately, it has become incredibly popular. In the last few years, THC vape juice has increasingly taken over the market by storm thereby overtaking the usual cannabis flower.

Why is the case?

This article will help you understand better why it and other cannabis concentrates seem to be ruling the world of avid smokers. This passage will guide you through the ten best THC vape juice, explain briefly what it is all about, its legal status, how to make the juice and the effects of consuming this product.


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Black-Cherry THC e-Liquid 0.8mls Potent

  • • Great combination of strength and taste.
  • • High quality

The Black-Cherry THC e-Liquid-0.8mls Potent is a vibrant and bold e-Liquid flavor that is blended using base products like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin giving it that desirable liquid flavor. The method used in mixing these products is known as superficial carbon dioxide CO2 extraction, and it is used to ensure that you get this product in its highest quality ever.

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Glycerin Vape Juice

  • • The strength and mildness of the taste.
  • • The effect doesn’t go away so quickly.

Glycerin Vape Juice comes in five THC vape cartridges with extra 1.5 in a mini-bottle and a dropper. The product provides you with a euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted mood. It is a great THC vape oil for relieving stress, depression insomnia, headaches, and many other benefits. The juice is made by blending four ingredients which are vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and flavoring.

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Strawberry THC e-Liquid

  • • It combines power and tastiness.
  • • Great for strawberry lovers.
  • • A mixture of artificial and natural flavoring.

The Strawberry THC e-Liquid is an enticing THC vape juice. It is made through a superficial carbon dioxide extraction process that is applied to a premium BC bud. This potent cannabis oil is blended with food grade. The ingredients include vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and artificial or natural flavorings to give the product its unique taste and effects when you consume it.

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THE TOP 7 Best THC Vape Juice


  • 1. Best THC Vape Juice in This Roundup

Best THC Vape Juice in This Roundup

1 Black-Cherry THC e-Liquid 0.8mls Potent

  • $59.99


  • • Great combination of strength and taste.
  • • High quality


  • • It's really one for expert vapers
This e-liquid is regarded to be the most powerful THC vape juice available on the market. It is meant for advanced users who have the feeling they tried them all and don’t want to settle for anything else than the strongest flavor that they could find.
The Black-Cherry THC e-Liquid-0.8mls Potent is made using a unique technology called CO2 extraction. This gives it the highest quality and a proprietary mix between elite Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol that doesn’t fail to impress. This one is bold, strong, and one that has a very distinguished taste. Despite its THC vape juice strength, the flavor isn’t overbearing and doesn’t leave any unpleasant smell behind.
The kick it gives you is pretty much unbeatable. It’s like a lion roaring, and it exceeds all the expectations. It is too much for newbies but can be a delight for very experienced vapers who will most likely find their new favorite e-juice.
You keep wondering how the unique sweet taste has been so nicely combined with the kick. The thing is that this is like the strongest cookie you ever tried: delicious, flavorful yet so potent that it will blow your mind.
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2 Glycerin Vape Juice

  • $300


  • • The strength and mildness of the taste.
  • • The effect doesn’t go away so quickly.


  • • Some might feel it’s too strong and lacking in tastiness

The Glycerin Vape Juice is focused on offering a special mood, which is relaxed, yet quite uplifted and joyful. There is no lack of cheerfulness when you get this one, that’s for sure. However, it is one that belongs to the strong varieties of THC vape juice. So a bit of caution is advised when it comes to vapers that didn’t try much so far.

The juice is nothing that will get you straight on cloud nine in terms of flavor. It keeps things simple, which means that it only mixes a few ingredients. In this case, we are talking about water, nicotine, propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin.

 It does have a tiny bit of flavoring, which makes it different than the totally Flavorless THC vape juice. Still, the flavor here is not what matters, but the effect. It has the same standards for THC vape oils, yet it doesn’t come as they usually do with bold flavors that will take you straight in a journey.

 The flavor is mild, yet it might be what you’re looking for to chill. It depends on one’s preferences here. This one can easily be referred to as a bridge between the intensely flavored ones and the flavorless.

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3 Strawberry THC e-Liquid

  • $40-600


  • • It combines power and tastiness.
  • • Great for strawberry lovers.
  • • A mixture of artificial and natural flavoring.


  • • Only suitable for vapers with a sweet tooth.
This is a very potent THC vape juice with a sweet flavor. The sweet and delicious strawberry flavor tempers the extreme boldness of the THC juice. It reminds you of Strawberry Daiquiri, yet it gives you a feeling like never had before due to the high potency.
E-juices have never been so sweet and strong. This e-liquid brings the best of two words: power and tastiness. This is the most significant advantage. For fans of strawberries, this one is a real treat. It contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, so you don’t have to worry that the taste will be anything else than tasty and premium.
You have to give the manufacturer kudos for mixing so wonderfully both artificial and natural flavoring to give it such a marvelous taste. Not to mention the effect that can satisfy even a picky experienced vaper who tried a lot so far.
The Strawberry THC e-Liquid is destined for users who just don’t want a regular e-liquid or make any compromises in terms of incredible flavor. It’s a guilty pleasure, which makes you think of summer days but strong beyond imagination.
It might make you think of cookies or a special day, but it certainly one that you will remember.
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4 Berry-White Vape Cartridge


  • • It's subtle, unique, but tasty and intriguing.
  • • Made from India, thus, it can inspire the mood
  • • The power is so high, and the effect will go beyond the normal levels.


  • • Some users may find the flavor rather odd.
This THC vape juice is something else. No matter how you put it and analyze it, it is different. In terms of taste, the flavor is pretty much, unlike anything you’ve tried before. It’s subtle, unique but tasty and intriguing.
When it comes to the kick, you can expect the strongest, which gives you a boost in euphoric effects. The Berry-White Vape Cartridge offers an unapologetic e-juice that stands above most of all the others currently available on the market.
This e-juice is undoubtedly made for sophisticated vapers, who reject anything that doesn’t meet their high standards. It’s something new also thanks to the interesting extraction method. This method involves carbon dioxide oil, which stimulates relaxation and gives a balanced flavor with a kick.
The Berry-White Vape Cartridge functions excellent if you want a strong one that doesn’t lack flavor and it’s at the same time something fascinating to discover.
The flavor and the effect are so prominent that it might become your new elite favorite. It is one for vaping fans that are ready to take things to the next level in many different directions.
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5 Blueberry THC e-liquid Cartridge

  • $59.99


  • • Joyful smell and cool vapors.
  • • A fantastic and remarkable combination between a high effect and a cheerful blueberry.
  • • Only contains premium ingredients.


  • • A little bit expensive
Dope Blueberry THC e-liquid Cartridge doesn’t mess around in terms of quality. The elite supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology gives it an incredibly strong kick. So don’t get misled by the blueberry flavor. It might sound like a nice and sweet e-juice that you can comfortably try out. It is not.
The 1000mg of THC per ml gives it an intense kick, so you are definitely in for a powerful effect with this one. You get a fantastic and highly remarkable combination between a high impact and a cheerful blueberry flavor.
This high-quality vape juice makes it the most potent of all vape juice on the market today. With the perfect amount of premium pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, it will bring you the best vaping experience ever.
The pros are its joyful smell and cool vapors. Keep in mind the fact that despite the tasty flavor, this is not its main feature. The main characteristic is still the strength.
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6 Flavorless THC e-Liquid

  • $59.99


  • • CO2 extraction boosts the standards.
  • • All about a raw and pure experience.


  • • It might be too sharp and edgy even for advanced users if they only tried flavors.
Not everyone is looking for a certain flavor. Some users want the kick and are pretty bothered by all the food grades included in the ingredients.
Others don’t want to mix the effect with any artificial flavoring and want to feel the real deal fully. This flavorless THC vape juice offers them exactly what they need.
Nothing distracts you from the effect. There is no sweet, salty, interesting blend of whatever fruits that will make you think of anything else. This e-liquid is all about a raw and pure experience. It offers the same high-quality standards as all the flavored e-juices.
The only difference is its wilderness and purity. The oil concentrate is blended with propylene glycol or premium vegetable glycerin to get a simple yet powerful THC e-liquid.
The manufacturing is its main pro as it includes the CO2 extraction, which boosts the standards. This offers the veterans only a straightforward extracted product, whose rules no one can deny.
The critical con is that this THC vape juice isn’t one that will satisfy people who want to experiment with flavors. It might be too sharp and edgy even for advanced users if they only tried flavors. But the ones who are into the real kick will go just right for this one.
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7 Super Lemon Haze Carbon-dioxide Vape Cartridge

  • $300
  • $38


  • • Preserve the elite quality and the high kick.
  • • Citrusy smell


  • • Not suitable for someone who prefers something elegant
  • • Not for someone whose array of experimentation is yet pretty limited.
Now, this is something different that might come as a surprise even for users who tried out quite a lot of flavors so far. It is mildly sweet but energizing. Don’t even think of flavors like raspberry or strawberry. This one has a delightful citrus candy hint, which makes it lively and uplifting.
Some might find this refreshing, while others will prefer to go for either the delicious ones like blueberry or the plain ones. It is worth a try if you’re into experimenting. It might feel a bit odd at first, but after you get accustomed to it, you could rethink your favorite flavors.
Thanks to the carbon dioxide extraction method, it preserves the elite quality and the very high kick. This is a major pro. However, the flavor is what sets it apart. If you’re into citrusy smells, this one is for you and you’ll like it. You’ll find it refreshing like a summer day after rain.
If you prefer something more elegant, it might not be your cup of tea, so this is certainly a disadvantage. It is also not the one that you should go for if you didn’t experiment much yet. The strength of the THC vape juice combines with a strong flavor as well, and this could be too much to handle if your array of experimentation is yet pretty limited.
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What Is THC Vape Juice and What Does It Contain?

The right definition of the THC vape oil is actually a liquid that contains cannabis concentrate made from the extraction of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids extracted from cannabis flowers.

The method used in obtaining all these cannabis concentrates involves the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) or alcohol extraction. The resulting end product can be described as highly concentrated as well as a potent liquid that you can smoke when attached to your vaporizer pen. This way, you can enjoy smoking just in the way you would when using an herb vaporizer.

Essentially, THC vape oil is regarded as having the biggest advantage in terms of containing as high as 80 to 90 percent THC, comparing to the dried cannabis flower that only contains about 20 percent THC. THC vape oil has a higher concentration of THC.

Thus, it is obvious that this substance is stronger in its small hits unlike other products having similar ingredients. This means that when you consume less of this product, you will get the best results and thus help you save more money in the process.

What Is the Legal Status for THC Vape Juice?

The best response to whether THC vape oil is legal or not depends solely on where you come from. This statement means that every nation or state has its own rules and regulations on the use of cannabis-related substances, including THC vape oil.

Therefore, if you are coming from those states that recreational marijuana has been legalized, then you are extremely lucky.

Thus, you can freely enjoy THC vape oil without any problem. For instance, states like California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon have legalized the consumption of recreational marijuana. It’s possible for many people to enjoy the great benefits of using this substance.

But if you are living in those states (such as Florida or Michigan) that only allow the use of medical marijuana, you will be required to use such substances after acquiring a medical marijuana card. The card authorizes you to buy any THC-based cannabis products such as THC vape oil, THC vape oil , and THC vape cartridge and many more.

Unfortunately, if you are staying in those states that have no legal cannabis laws, then you should not have any hope of consuming your favorite THC vape oil without breaking the law. In other words, this cannabis product is not an option for you.

Are There Effects of Using THC Vape Juice?

By choosing to consume the liquid THC, you must be fully aware of the effects which are more potent in comparison to just smoking marijuana.

However, effectiveness with which you extracted your THC vape juice and the plant matter are the key factors. Because this will determine the quality of the concentrate obtained. It is likely that you will have a contraction of between 50 and 90 percent of your THC content.

As a word of caution, this potency might not be a good idea for you if you are not used to it. This is the case because many users have experienced severe panic attacks and hallucinations after taking THC content with higher concentration.

Avoiding the Side Effects of THC Vape Juice

Even though it’s an overall safer way of consuming cannabis, vape juices contain notoriously high THC content that can go up to 90% in concentration. When vaping, this is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and can lead to intoxication, vomiting, paranoia, unconsciousness, and increased heart rate, especially in beginners.

Compared to CBD, which carries no psychoactive effects, THC in vape juice gets extracted directly from the marijuana plant, making it extremely concentrated. However, there are no long-term effects on vape THC. Some temporary discomfort is common, such as dry mouth, red eyes, and shortness of breath.

Research has shown that vaping is almost 15% more potent than smoking the same amount of THC. To avoid unwanted effects, don’t underestimate the strength of a single hit. Overconsumption is the leading cause of all bad trips. Wait several minutes between each hit to ensure that you don’t go overboard.

Proper THC Vape Juice Dosage

Each person’s organism is different, and thus THC juice won’t have the same effect on everyone. It’s important to start slowly. You can easily take another hit, but once you’ve inhaled too much, it’s hard to go back. Usually, labeled vape juices have a proper dosage guide. Even though they should be followed, it’s always best to listen to your body.

When smoking cannabis, the effects are felt immediately. Vaping is a tad bit different and might take a couple of minutes to really kick in. Oil cartridges usually have dosage information on them to help you get started. Also, the strength can depend on the temperature that the juice is heated at as well as the quality of the vaporizer. Take care of how long and hard you inhale.

After all, vapes don’t burn away the material. You won’t have to worry about wasting all your vape juice if you wait for a couple of minutes to feel the hit. The material will last you longer, and you’ll save both money and your health. As with everything, take it slowly, and you’ll encounter zero risks.

How Do You Make THC Vape Juice?

Do you know you can make your own THC vape oil at home? This is a great way of saving money and making cannabis products that you are pretty sure of its ingredients.

Not all THC vape oil or cannabis products sold out there have the right ingredients. To void being duped or buying substandard products, you can make your own vape juice using ingredients and simple your utensils that you probably have right there in your kitchen.

This is just a DIY vape juice that you can possibly prepare in the comfort of your home. In case you are not an expert in kitchen affairs, then it is prudent that you assign the task to someone with better kitchen skills. Or you can have an expert watch over you while giving you the direction to what is supposed to be done.

Keep in mind that safety in the kitchen is the number one priority. So, how do you go about with your THC vape juice preparations at home?

Here is what you will need when making your THC vape juice in your kitchen:

Ingredients and equipment:

  1. 6gm of very high-quality fresh cannabis flower
  2. Grain alcohol such as Everclear (never use isopropyl alcohol)
  3. Cheesecloth
  4. 2wide-mouth mason jars
  5. Propylene Glycol
  6. Dropper bottle with a 5ml dropper
  7. Aluminum foil
  8. Baking sheet
  9. Kitchen pot
  10. Oven


1. The first step is to decarboxylate the cannabis flower to activate cannabinoids. This is done by simply grinding the cannabis flowers before spreading them on a baking sheet lined with an aluminum foil. Then heat the ground cannabis at a temperature of 240 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for half-an-hour. When it turns to caramel-brown color, you may take it out of your oven.

2. The next step after decarboxylation is to grind further the cannabis in your food processor to break it down as a way of enhancing the levels of extraction.

3. Add the ground contents to the uncovered mason jar and then fill it with the grain alcohol.

4. Measure and fill your pot with 3 inches of water before adding the mason jar to the pot while it is uncovered. Let water boil to over medium-high heat to allow some alcohol to evaporate as the remaining absorb THC and the rest of the cannabinoids.

When alcohol turns caramel in color (but at a lower level than cannabis), take out the jar and add some more alcohol to take it back to its original level before returning the contents to the pot. Boil once more until the alcohol is dark caramel or golden in color.

5. Use the cheesecloth on the second mason jar, sieve the content and trap the herb. Then take the cheesecloth and squeeze it gently to obtain the trapped liquid from the bud.

6. Add fresh water into the pot, then take the uncovered jar filled with the liquid and place it into the pot. Boil water and then reduce its temperature to facilitate evaporation to remain with 5ml of the liquid. Using the 5ml dropper, you can measure what is left.

7. Add 5 ml of propylene glycol to the mason jar. Then shake the solution to combine it well with the concentrate.

8. Transfer the liquid to the dropper bottle, and there you have your DIY vape juice. Enjoy!


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