Be on the Lookout for the Innokin’s Endura T18 II Buses This April

The seven cities including London, Birmingham, and Manchester should really be on the lookout for the Innokin Endura T18 II buses from April 8th.

The Endura T18 II kit is a famous kit that has been only known to exist in the vape shops! Don’t be surprised this April to find it on the streets. The amazing Endura T18 Kit is now being advertised in the sides of buses in all parts of the UK!

Get the best vaping experience with this amazing Endura series which is actually an international bestselling e-cigs! It’s really the only way to have unique smoking experienced with optimized flavors all day!

Enjoy the best puff with an amazing wattage and airflow only from the Innokin’s amazing Endura T18 II series!

Notably, Innokin is among the most honored manufacturers who actually aim to support the UK’s dream to reduce the number of smokers! The UK has been the leading proponent with an aim to reduce the number of tobacco smokers. Innokins vaporizers are really famous, and it has really done great in switching a large number of smokers to vapers!

Innokin is actually among the proud supporters of the VApril campaign which was actually founded with an aim of helping smokers all over the world to switch from smoking to vaping!

This VApril campaign is actually organized by the UKVIA, and they really intend to educate all the smokers on the benefits of vaping. Their leading goal is to turn smokers into vapers!

Innokin is proudly awarding its fans! It’s your turn to win this April, stay alert and be on the lookout for the Endura T18 II buses!

Simply take the Endura T18 II buses photos and be a proud winner! Besides, more pieces of information about the Innokins giveaways can be found on the Innokins Facebook and Instagram accounts!

We hope this VApril will actually yield more success stories to our partners and more so smokers around the UK! We sincerely thank our friends and hopefully, may this VApril be the motivator for all the smokers to quit smoking and turn into more healthy ways!

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