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Baton V2
Baton V2

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Battery: 350mAh

E-liquid Capacity: 1mL

Color: Black, White, Silver

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Baton V2 is Baton Vapor’s sequel to Baton Classic, the first of its refillable pod introduced in 2017. The company has also introduced a nice line of nic salt juices for its devices since then. The Baton V2 runs in 350 mAh batteries and has a profile similar to the Classic.

However, unlike the Classic, it’s incorporated automatic draw instead of a traditional fire button. Initial observation: it’s very sleek and refined in design. Courtesy of Baton, I have the new device and the flavors, which I’m going to review here.

Available colors: Black, Tiffany blue and white

Cost: $34.99 each at Baton Vapor


Build & Design

As mentioned before, the Baton V2 is pretty sleek. It’s slim and has a rubberized finish, making it slip-resistant and comfortable to hold. The pods fit perfectly and make a clear popping sound when slipped into the battery.

Light and stealthy as it is, compared to JUUL, it’s bigger and taller. It’s 5 grams heavier and 15 mm longer than JUUL. But the extra length, and weight, I suppose, is mostly the work of Baton V2’s elongated mouthpiece. Pull it off, and they pretty much look the same.

Other than weight and length, V2 has a disadvantage over JUUL: it’s hard to keep an eye on the juice. While it does have two windows on both sides, they’re too narrow to offer a clear view. You could hold it up to a light source, but it’s not quite good enough. Personally speaking, I had to take the pod out to check.

Baton V2 Buide and Design


Neither the device itself nor the user manual offers any clear specifications concerning the resistance and capacity of the pods. So, I took my initiative to measure the latter and used a syringe to find it holds about 0.9 ml.

Since I rather not hack into the pods, I can’t make any concrete remark about their inner composition. But I think it’s pretty standard, composed of a coil and cotton wick.

You have to take off the mouthpiece to refill. Once off, there are two rubber pieces inside. One works as a dual-sided refill plug that sticks into the pod and the other, Baton V2’s awesome spit back protection. I call it awesome because it works.

Its job is to redirect vapor out of the straight path, trapping the liquid behind. So none of those liquids ever make it to your mouth.

The problem is, when you take off the mouthpiece, the anti-spit back piece also falls out, which does seem somewhat irritating. It’s optional, and vaping works perfectly without it, but I rather like the extra protection.

Performance Measures

I mentioned the nic salt line earlier because Baton V2 is a nic salt specific device. Thanks to the Baton Vapor, there are some tasty flavors available for that combo. To be honest, I’d categorize my preference of it as “almost” usual. It’s more on the comfortable side than cool or warm.

True, its tight draw isn’t complemented by adequate airflow, unlike JUUL, but the hit is pretty good. Plus, compared to its size, the Baton V2 puts out a very decent amount of vapor. And I don’t think I’d rate the flavors anywhere below average.

But here’s why I used “almost” before. The device has a peculiar tendency to trap bubbles inside the pod near and around the wick.

Unfortunately, this compromises the vape quality. Every time I took subsequent long draws too frequently, the same thing happened. If you’re not familiar with the wick-coil relationship, just know that bubbles trapped in wick cut off juice flow to the coil. And that is naturally followed by dry hit and finally, burnt hit.

I usually smack the device a few times on my palm to remedy that, which sort of looks like a nervous habit. This either breaks up the bubbles or makes them rise. But the reason for this bubble trapping is Baton’s vape juice. It’s natural to assume a device and brand-specific liquid would be ideal for that device.

But unfortunately, Baton’s juices are too thick for V2 to handle. Adding a bit of propylene glycol (PG) to thin the mixture seems to help, though.

Baton V2 Pod


Baton’s $8.99 nic salt bottles measure either 25 ml or 50 ml. The PG/VG ratio isn’t specified. The bottles that Baton sent to me were all 50ml.

Crisp Apple: The proper balance of this flavor tastes more authentic than candy sour apple. The tartness is decipherable without being overwhelming. Second only to the Vanilla Wafer.

Southern Leaf: Classic tobacco juice and reminiscent of Halo Torque 56. Old-school enthusiasts might like the aggressive taste of the leaf but I surely didn’t.

Fruit Confit: Its amazing smell is tragically overwritten by the mentholated note, which I didn’t like at all. But people with a penchant for overpowering menthol or icy flavor should love it.

Iced Watermelon Limeade: I don’t think I’ve ever smelled anything else that smelled more genuinely like iced watermelon limeade that this nice salt. It smells so amazing that I wanted to like it. But again couldn’t, thanks to the overpowering cooling taste. Keep in mind, that’s just my taste prejudice.

Island Mango: The taste of this flavor is above average, and I say this as a compliment. Most juices out there taste more like unripe, green mangoes with a hint of something acidic. Unlike those, Island Mango tastes more ripe and sweet. It is another one I most liked.

Glacier Mint: While not a fan of cooling flavors, this one I do like. The peppermint flavor is pretty original, keeping it more minty than cool.

Vanilla Wafer: My favorite. The balance between the sweet taste of vanilla and the savory of Wafer is simply perfect and reminiscent of Inawera Biscuit. I’d gladly buy another bottle.

Baton V2 Flavors


The no pass-thru 350 mAh battery might not seem much, but I managed to finish a whole pod without running the battery dry. There’s a LED indicator near the bottom that lights up when you pop a pod in. The color (blue, yellow and red) indicates the charge level.

The LED looks like a tiny heart that glows with your draw. But if your draw is anywhere past five seconds, that glowing goes into a party mode and starts flashing some range of colors, which goes on for ten long seconds. I think it’s too long and busts my stealth. I rather not wait ten seconds between draws.

Pros and Cons


  • Quality build with a comfortable hold
  • Pods fit in perfectly
  • Each pod can hold 0,9 ml juice
  • Equipped with the anti-spit back piece
  • Nice range of flavors
  • Decent vapor with strong hit


  • Pods leak
  • Dry and burnt hit due to trapped bubbles
  • Lacks simple pass-thru charging feature

Conclusive Remarks

So the question is, do I like Baton V2? Yes, I do. But would I recommend it? I don’t think so. The Baton V2 is a well-built device backed by an efficient battery. And one way or another, there are some good flavor choices.

But the trapped bubble issue is a big one. I can work around it, but as a starter kit, that’s quite unacceptable. A new vaper shouldn’t be forced to deal with such issues. That being said, I’m keeping mine. I think customer sustainability is mandatory for any product aiming for success.

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  1. Avatar Regina Delph says:

    I started vaping about 1 year ago because my mom passed away from COPD and the baton is my favorite but im on my 4 the 1 in 6 months because it completely stops working and stays flashing and I have tried everything keeping it clean and making sure it states upright at all times but nothing help and its so aggravating.

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