Avida CBD Vape Juice

Avida CBD Vape Juice

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Bottle: 30

CBD Strength: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

Avida is new to the CBD industry for now. Currently, they only have 4 flavors of the CBD vape juice which come in three different strengths. As of now, they are doing so well and we cannot complain. Avida usually makes their third-party lab tests where everyone can see and then later they link it to their site where everyone can see.

Additionally, they claim to be using the highest production standard around. One of the components they use is CBD isolate which is made using CO2 extraction that is free of THC.

Furthermore, Avida has one the strongest and the best customer service and fairly good prices. They also provide you with free shipping services up to orders of about $75 which saves your money to a larger extent.


Avida CBD Vape Juice

All the 4 flavors that I got from Avida come in eye-catching 30ml dropper bottles. They are all designed in a similar manner and are stylish. The bottle also features the company logo each having colors which correspond to the company’s logo.

These flavors were made by a certain expert in mixology, who had been earlier awarded for producing a recipe for fried cream cakes. This is the best time to open up these bottles and discover that this CDB oil from Avida is all about.

I will be carrying out oral tests on these Avida oils by the use of pod vapes and CBD vape pens. With that said, the following are the four vape juice flavors.

Blue Razz

The moment opened this bottle, there was a strong whiff coming from the bottle. The smell was like that of real candy. Immediately I tested it under my tough, there was an overwhelming sweetness that is irresistible.

One thing about Blue Razz is that it has a very unique of the raspberry candy flavor. The flavor is well balanced though it’s a bit sweeter when it comes to oral use. This makes it even more tolerable when you start vaping. If you love blue razz and you want that rare candy taste, then it better that you go for Blue Razz.

Berry Grape

There is a certain childhood candy that I really loved during my childhood days and the Berry Grape reminds me exactly of how it used to taste. The best way I can give it description is that it’s like the purple pixy sticks. These flavors are making me think that some of these flavors will go well when used together with the tooth vaper.

This flavor is very sweet and also has a candy-like taste. Additionally, there is a grape and berry taste in the background that you can feel it as when you are keen. If you really love grape flavors then the berry grape will do you a good job.

The Manga Mango

Among the listed flavors above, this is the sweetest on the lost so far. It’s so sweet and this is because if the mango taste that is so strong on the flavor.

I just don’t know where they got the name from or why they called it ‘manga’ but it sounds more like the Japanese comic or something? Anyway, this is another great flavor which is inspired by a candy flavor.

If you are looking for a CBD juice that isn’t too sweet then this one might not be the right one for you. However, if you want something that is so sweet and infused with CBD, then the Manga Mango is the best flavor to go for.


All the above flavors that I have tested were so sweet. As of now before getting to the last bottle, I was hoping that I was going to find a totally different flavor that is maybe sour or something else that is just not sweet.

Nope, that wasn’t true! The moment I opened the last bottle and then smelled it, the aroma that hit me was so sweet. Immediately I put it under my tough and I discovered just how sweet this flavor is.

When they gave it the name Flavorless, they meant that it had no flavor, but the latter does have a taste. My guess is that they mainly did this so as to cancel out the bitter taste contained in the cannabidiol. If you want the CBD vape juice that lacks the fancy flavors but has a great taste, then this is the best flavor to go for.

My Final Verdict

The Avida CBD juice is of high quality and this is very true because it was even confirmed in the labs as the test reports suggest.

When I compare these flavors with all the others that I have tested, these ones are sweeter and eye-catching. This can be assured if you try tasting them orally. When you vape them, you will hardly notice this. Additionally, they really love the great candy taste which seems to be their main theme.

When it comes to the production process, I can’t complain. The ingredients in the flavors are top notch and they are designed to give you an unforgettable taste. My favorite here was Berry Grape followed by Blue Razz. I didn’t really love Manga mango but it is also great having it around.

What really surprised me more was Flavorless because I thought it had absolutely zero taste. It has a neutral flavor which you will really love.

If you really love CBD vape juice, then I would really recommend that you go for products from Avida. Apart from making safe and good quality products, they also ensure that their products have a sweet taste that you can always enjoy. Their main theme being candy and you will never regret. This is generally a great taste that most people love.

The four flavors of Avida CBD Vape juice that I have explained are the tastiest that I have ever come across so far. You will really enjoy Avida CBD.

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