Aspire Tigon AIO Kit Review: An Ingenious Pod System

Aspire Tigon AIO
Aspire Tigon AIO

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Dimension: × 31mm × 23mm

Battery Capacity: 1300mAh

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As a pro or beginner in vaping, great experiences start with purchasing high-quality devices offering satisfactory performance. Spend money on a gadget that ensures smooth draws and excellent flavor. With every manufacturer claiming that their products are the best, it can be a challenge to find the right vape tool to use.

Are you looking for a pod system? Aspire Tigon AIO Kit is one of the products to consider acquiring. It is a small, stylish, modern, high-performance item offering several admirable features. Below is a detailed review of it.



Aspire Tigon AIO Kit

Pod Capacity:
4.6ml (TPD 2ml)
Output Voltage:
Charging Current:
Charging Port:
Black, White, Red, and Orange

Package Contents

  • 1 Tigon AIO unit
  • 1 Tigon 4.6ml or 2ml for TPD version
  • 2 coils (1 Tigon 0.4ohm coil and 1 Tigon 0.7ohm mesh coil)
  • A type C cable
  • A warranty card
  • A manual

Aspire Tigon AIO Package Content


In as much as you need a pod system with satisfactory performance, it should also have an attractive design for aesthetics purposes. Aspire Tigon AIO Kit is an eye-catching device with a smooth finish. It is available in white, black, orange, and red colors for buyers to select. Its slim design contributes to its stylish look besides offering a comfortable grip and discrete usage.

The AIO kit has a handy fire button, and above it, you find a switch that allows you to adjust the airflow. That way, you can always enjoy both airy and strong hits whenever you like. The round mouth tip is more comfortable than the square versions.

Note that this product is refillable. It has a large hole to make refilling much easier. The pod itself is made of high-grade polycarbonate material that fosters durability. Accidentally dropping the kit should not alarm you, but you have to take care of it to ensure longer use.

Besides, the self-sealing coil exterior ensures a secure installation for safety. It covers the wicking holes of the tank when you remove the coil. The manufacturer goes ahead and incorporates a twist-lock connection between the pod and the battery unit for user-friendly and secure setup.


With the Aspire Tigon AIO kit, you are purchasing a compelling product that provides bypass output. It uses two types of coils, a Tigon coil with a 0.4-ohm resistance and a 0.7-ohm Tigon mesh coil. The standard pod capacity is 4.6ml, which is a generous volume that allows you vape for longer before you have to replenish your e-liquid supply. However, the kit comes with a 2ml AIO pod option for TPD buyers.

TPD is an acronym that stands for Tobacco Products Directive. It is a European regulation that has several stipulations about Tobacco items, including e-liquid quantities. It states that the maximum capacity for e-cig tanks, including pod systems, is 2ml, while the highest nicotine strength is 20mg per milliliter. However, in the US, it can be as high as 50mg. With the TPD capacity option, Aspire caters for the needs of vapers of different countries.

Setting up and removing the coils is as easy as pushing and pulling. You do not have to struggle with fixing screws or loosening them. Swapping one coil type for another is a breeze. Pull one out and push one in, install the other kit parts, and start vaping stress-free.

Aspire Tigon AIO Pod


Apart from the coils, the battery capacity of a given pod kit also determines how powerful the device is. As for the Aspire AIO, it has an in-built 1300mAh battery, which is more powerful than what other pods are offering. You have the necessary energy to vape for longer without worrying about depleting the cell charge too soon.

Besides, you can get stronger throat hits than products with lower battery power. To charge the cell, Aspire provides a Type C USB cable for you to connect to the battery unit’s port.

Around the fire button, there is a battery life indicator. It lights up in different colors to signal you when it is time to recharge. The kit utilizes a 2A charging speed, which is fast to ensure the device recharges within a short period to allow you to continue vaping.

Aspire Tigon AIO Pod System

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish with colorful exteriors
  • Refillable and has a big refill port
  • Simple to use
  • Elegant
  • Has adjustable airflow
  • Offers two pod capacity choices
  • Has a comfortable mouth tip shape
  • Utilizes a powerful battery


  • Uses an internal battery, which can be an inconvenience when on the go without a power source
  • Operates on Tigon coils only

Final Thought

Vaping is a habit many people are adopting all over the world. Despite there being controversies, it is safer than smoking cigarettes. The e-juice undergoes heating to provide vapor, which is less harmful than burnt cigarette particles.

There being a wide range of products on the market, it can be confusing deciding which ones to use. That is why reviews, like the one you have read, exist to help you make the right purchasing decision.

If you are new to vaping, mods can be useful. Stig Pod is one of the products you should consider using. It is excellent for heavy smokers. Besides, it contains 6 % nicotine salt, which the human body takes in faster for quicker results that last for a while. The pod has negligible weight. It is also small and compact for portability.

Therefore, walking around with it will not be much luggage for your hands. The three pods in the pack each offering 270 puffs should serve you for a while before you need to buy another one. If you want to quit smoking, this Stig Pod can help with that despite the few cons. In general, it is a product worth purchasing, keeping in mind its strengths.

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