Aspire Spryte AIO Starter Kit Review


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Size:72 x 10 mm

Battery: 260mAh(non rechargeable)

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From its 2013 humble beginnings in China to dominating the e-cigarette scene later with the futuristic-looking Spryte series that allowed for adjustable airflow in vaping for the first time, the Aspire vape brand is synonymous with simplicity, style, and innovation.

By factoring user personalities in their e-cigarette products, the Aspire R&D team has brought forth vaping kits that speak to vapers. They feel good in one’s palm, work like a charm, and enable vapers to seek the vaping experience they desire without any hassles.

Since then, Aspire quality control system has continued to shape the brand. They have combined strengths, expertise, and talent with other designers and researchers across the globe to bring safe and cutting-edge e-cigs to your nearest vape stores.

Here’s a look at one of their best-designed kit in the town: the Aspire Spryte AIO.



Aspire Spryte AIO Kit

300 puffs/each pod
Pod System:
Salt-Nic Level:
6%(60mg salt-nic)
Lush Ice, Tropical Mango, Cubano, Mighty Mint

Package Contents

Aspire Spryte Kit features the Spryte pod mod, which hits all the marks vapers watch out for when new e-cigs hit the market: portability, simplicity, and durability. It is an all-in-one pod kit with refilling and coil swapping features. Inside the box/ kit you will find the typical Aspire packaging like:

  • 1 Spryte device
  • Two additional O rings
  • 1.8ohm BVC coil for regular e-juices and 1.2ohm coil for nic salts
  • A Silicone seal and a Micro USB Cable
  • A Warranty Card and a User Manual

Quick Start Guide for the Spryte Pod

  • To fill: pull the pod from the battery, then displace the silicone seal and squeeze your e-liquid in. Return the seal in position to close the pod.
  • Allow for priming: Prime your coil when you allow a 4-9 minutes between filling the pod and firing it up. This gap ensures the e-liquid soaks into the wicking material and eliminates the otherwise initial dry hits. Therefore, let the pod stand for about 5 minutes for saturation, then fire it up and enjoy some unrivaled sensations.
  • Firing it up: click the fire button five times in quick succession to fire the device on or off.
  • To vape: makes use of draw activations, or you can press the fire button too.
  • To pop in new coils: Changing the coil is easy, unscrew in an anti-clockwise manner to remove, then reverse to fit the new coil.
  • Airflow control: There’s a ring located at the base of the pod. Adjust it to your favorite setting.
  • To check battery status: There’re intelligent indicators such as red & blue lights for max charge and firing voltages above 3.8. Blue lights will indicate voltages of above 3.5-3.8, while red will inform you on critical battery levels so that you plug it in for charging.
  • Pass-through vaping: You can vape while the Spryte device is plugged in and charging.

But to leave it at that is doing a disservice to this kit. Let’s talk more about its key features-especially the BVC coil swapping feature.


Key Features of the Aspire Spryte Kit

This is a crossover kit – an all-in-one e-cig designed with a refilling mechanism and coil swapping feature. Designed for vaping both nicotine salts and freebase e-juices, this pod gives the flavorsome vapor.

Coil System

The coils fit in a bottom to vertical style so that airflow meets less resistance. The airflow can also be regulated using a controller to get the vaping experience desired.

There’re two types of coils in the kit, so you can experience that guilty pleasure with nic salts or go for freebase vape juices. Use the 1.2ohm coil for nicotine salts and the other for both regular e-juices and nicotine-based vape juices. Swap the coils as instructed above in the QuickStart guide.

The max power output is 12W. Use the fire button or take a draw to activate the device for vaping.

Safety Features and Comfortability

To begin with, you’ll rarely find a poorly designed Aspire brand. The Spryte boasts of a comfortable 510 drip tip with a dust cap for decent vapor. There’s also a short-circuit protection with a 15-second cut-off time. It also keeps the device from firing in case of reverse polarity, low voltage, or over-charging. If you leave the device to charge, it shuts down on its own.

Build Quality

The Spryte pod is an eye-catching device, light as a feather but with a polished alloy body that comes in various smart color finishes. You can fit the pod to your mood and get to be the stylish vapor in the room. The pod itself has a cylindrical slanted shape that is comfortable to hold and fire using the thumb. It features dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof protection features – for example, a tight cap keeps the drips clean.

All in all, it has been engineered to deliver fresh and exciting vaping experiences, and here’s a look at its performance.


As aforementioned, you can vape whatever e-liquid you prefer. Coil swapping has guaranteed that you can opt for nic salts or free base e-liquids. The coils are both designed for MTL style vaping. MTL vaping has advantages of smoking-like experiences, cooler vape, unparalleled flavor, and less e-juice consumption.

It gives a smooth throat hit when used with nic salt based vape juices. The free base e-juices give a cigarette-like experience with a sharper throat hit that tends to mimic hits from tobacco smoking. Here’s a breakdown of the vape experience by the available coils

Impressive 1.8ohm BVC coil vamping experience 

Straight from the beginning, there’s a deep tobacco flavor unlike in other devices where flavor kicks in after a few puffs. Though not as flavorsome as in high-grade MTL kits such as Amit from Geekvape, it is to the acceptable level and quite satisfying for the kit’s price.

The vapor cloud is not that room-filling but of the acceptable density and thickness. It’s what you’d expect from this device and your choice e-juice. Just crank the VG level up for decent vapor.

The device maximum power output is 12W, but expect some excellent throat hits even from smooth tobacco e-liquids such as the Legato with 50/50 VG to PG content.

Tonsil Tickling 1.2ohm BVC coil Vamping Experience

Expect some decent flavor from your nic salts with this one. The throat hit is excellent and smooth with a “buzz” feeling when you inhale the vapor. The vapor cloud is thick and delivered with the right warmth. Depending on your favorite choice, expect some sweet, savory taste with no burned flavors.


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Descent flavor
  • No leaking
  • Pass-through vamping is possible
  • Available in favorite color options
  • Cheaper than competitors.
  • Coil swapping is a breeze.
  • BVC coil to make use of air resistance to cool the vapor.


  • It does not come pre-filled with e-liquids, you have to purchase those separately.
  • The pod is tinted and can’t stand straight, so it spends the most time on its side.


In retrospect, you can expect consistent vapor quality from the pod mod. It’s highly affordable with simple-to-use features that make it rank among the best starter kits in the market.

For established vapors, you know how rare it is to find a vape pod with such an impressive liquid capacity and coil swapping features. Surely, this ultra-portable versatile pod is a game-changer.

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