Aspire Reax Mini Kit Review

Aspire Reax Mini Kit Description
Aspire Reax Mini Kit Description

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Size:117.5 x 32 mm

Battery Capacity: 1600mAh(non rechargeable)

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The Aspire Reax Mini Kit is the latest addition onto the Aspire series of kits and as the name suggests it is an ideal kit for purse or pocket transportation. It’s been designed for both Mouth to Lung (MTL), and restrictive Direct to Lung (DTL) draws, so you can vape it the way you desire. The included Tigon tank, too, is a pleasant surprise.

Aspire landed on the e-cig scene in 2013 and has grown to be a leading e-cig hardware manufacturer. By paying attention to user preferences and factoring vaper personalities in their e-cigs, the Aspire brand has managed to create an impressive catalog of everything, from e-cig accessories to box mods. So, what should you expect from their Reax Mini Kit?



Aspire Reax Mini Kit

Tank Capacity:
Continuous Firing Time:
Coil Options:
0.4ohm and 1.2ohm
Wattage Options:
8W, 10W, 12W, 14W, 16W, and Bypass
Silver, Blue, Purple and Black


Standing at just 117.5mm (with the rank included), the Reax Mini is surely an ultra-portable e-cig device. It’s a rechargeable platform, powered by a 1600mAh battery and boasts of up to 6 preset wattage levels.

You can, therefore, charge it up, fill it with your favorite e-juice and carry it along with you to sneak in hits throughout the day. To top it all, the Tigon tank’s top fill design makes your re-filling operations a piece of cake.

The Reax Mini kit like all other Aspire series of e-cig which is an easy-to-operate, hybrid, and light kit. The OBS Cube kit only rivals it in terms of design, but the Reax Mini boasts of rounded edges for a comfortable grip.

The Reax Mini Mod

The Reax Mini presents a 70mm X 31.5mm X 29.6mm minimalistic design with a zinc-aluminum alloy chassis accentuated with tactile decorations for a firm grip. To complete the stylish look, the back of the mod features a Perspex plate with the Aspire Reax Mini logo.

Connection Type

The mod boasts of centrally placed 510 connection that is a well-turned stainless-steel threading with a gold-plated spring-loaded pin. Your tank can balance properly without appearing to overhang or leave a teeny-weeny gap when screwed onto the mod.

You are also going to love the pentagram design on the connection plate, that accentuates the stylish design concept further.

Operations Button

The mod is button operated; it features a large button that can be used to power the e-cig on and off. The Reax Mini mod has also been designed with a 10-second puff cut off which shuts off the device in case of 10-seconds of inactivity.

Battery & Wattage Presets

It’s a 1600mAh battery with a decent duration, especially with the 1.2ohm coil. But don’t expect substandard vapors from this coil and battery combination, the MTL draw has improved flavor, and intense throat hit.

The mod boasts of intelligent battery life indicator, located at the base, close to the Micro USB charge port. The base also features a selection button and a wattage selection screen you can use to navigate through favorite wattage level presets – 8W/ 10W/12W/14W/16W and Bypass.

However, you can only adjust the output wattage if you use a coil with a 1.0ohm or above resistance. The mod auto-detects the connected coil resistance and allows you to adjust the wattage. If a sub-ohm coil (1.0ohm and below) is in use, the mod automatically places the vape to non-adjustable bypass mode.

Aspire Reax Mini Mod

Tigon Vape Tank

The tigon is a stainless steel 24.5mm diameter and 2ml capacity tank with Delrin drip tip. It’s assembled from 6 parts (the screw and coil included) and can be easily dismantled using the screw adjustment tool for cleanup operations.
Aspire Reax Mini Kit Tigon Tank

Airflow and Fill Ports

The tank of Aspire Reax Mini Kit features a bottom ring that spins to expose the adjustable airflow system. The AF system can be fully configured as you please and includes one wide slot for your DTL experiences and 5 pin holes for MTL style draws.

The tigon tank is of a top-fill design and features a child-lock safety measure. To get your e-juice in, pull up the outer ring then use your thumb to slid the cap off the drop mark to access the fill port.

Glass tube, Threads, and Drip Tips

The kit includes 510 drip tips. The short and wide mouthpiece is suitable for DTL draws and the elongated and narrow mouthpiece for MTL vaping. The threads are well turned, and the connection is of a non-adjustable spring-loaded design.


Quick Start Guide

You do not need to empty the tank before swapping coils. When removing the coil, the e-juice flow automatically shuts off.

  • Once you’ve decided your coil option, unscrew the tank base, pull out the worn-out coil then push in your new coil.
  • Prime your coil by letting the cotton soak in a few e-juices drops, then screw the tank base back.
  • Pull up the outer ring, then use your thumb to slid the cap off the drop mark to access the fill port.
  • Use a bottlenose to squeeze your e-juice into the tank.
  • Screw the tank onto the Reax mini Mod and give it about 10 seconds to soak.
  • Turn your Reax mini e-cig on by clicking the fire button five times. You can then use the selection button to scroll through wattage presets.

The Flavor and Vapor Quality

The 1.2ohm coil gives lovely MTL draws. Starting at conservative 10W and airflow at half of the MTL setting produces some reasonably good flavor. If you then up the settings to full range, you’re going to enjoy a 1W sweet spot that gives dense vapor with consistent warmth and full range flavor.

With the 0.4ohm coil, the vape is automatically placed into bypass mode. The vapor quality is, however, invitingly warm and cloudy even when airflow is set to half. The hit is smooth and restricted enough, making the DTL experience a success. For more clouds, feel free to crank the AF settings up.

You can also swap out the Tigon tank for favorite atomizers such as the Nautilus Mini and enjoy some yummy flavor because as I said, with the Reax Mini, you vape it the way you want it. Generally, here’s what to expect.

Aspire Reax Mini Kits

Pros and Cons


  • Hybrid mod
  • Small and compact kit
  • Aesthetic looking
  • The bypass mode works well with high resistance coils
  • Adjustable airflow tank
  • Safety features
  • Easy top-fill design tank


  • The selection numerals on Reax Mod are quite small
  • No wide coil ranges, only Nichrome


In retrospect, the Aspire Reax Mini Kit is a basic hybrid kit and worth the money: you don’t have to spend extra cash for separate MTL and DTL style kits, this kit allows for both draw styles – the MTL settings being the best.

The Bypass sub-ohm setups, on the other hand, perform well but drain the battery faster. But in overall, you’re going to like the Reax mini Mod and the Tigon Tank combo that works like a champ.

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