Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit Review: A Novel Pod System

Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit
Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit

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 Size: 87.5 x 37 x 21 mm

 E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5 ml

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You all know that Aspire has a decent list of devices in entirely different directions. Aspire is known primarily for its maintenance-free Nautilus tanks, which began back in 2014.

However, this manufacturer is also famous for all kinds of AIO devices. It’s even difficult to count how many such ones he brought into the world, but all of them deserve special attention.

Considering the popularity of pod systems that filled the market last year, we should expect an answer from Aspire. The company released the pod system on replaceable evaporators and with adjustable draw – Nautilus AIO.

So this time, we have another novelty from the category of all in one kit. Let’s figure out how the manufacturer will surprise us this time.



Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit

Battery Capacity:
1000 mAh
Coil Resistance:
1.8 ohms
Wattage Output:
Recommended VG/PG Ratio:
Blue, Jade, Silver, Black, Red, Purple

Aspire Nautilus Appearance

Aspire Nautilus is a compact device with a nice matte plastic case, as well as rounded edges. The dimensions of the device are very modest and are 87.5 mm in height, 21 mm in length and 37 mm in width.

This is a relatively thin and lightweight device that is convenient to carry in your pocket. Its weight is 54 grams in working condition (with installed evaporator and liquid).

What can we say about the design – it seems that the developers have found the perfect design (in their own opinion), and do not have much desire to change anything. You can notice this only because several new products in a row are released in a similar form factor.

Yes, it is quite compact, yes, it is quite ergonomic, but there is no innovation in this regard. However, is it worth it to demand more from developers – perhaps they have found a middle ground.

On the front panel, you can find a large button. There is an LED indicator under it that informs about the state of charge or notifies you of errors in the system. Two mechanical latches hold the cartridge at both sides. In each of them, a consumer can find a small hole that acts as an air intake.

On the left side of the main button is a micro-USB connector designed to charge the built-in battery. Nautilus AIO is available in six different colors: blue, jade, silver, black, red, and purple.

Aspire Nautilus AIO


Nautilus has a built-in 1000 mAh battery. Under conditions of active vaping (smoke breaks every hour), the battery lasts for a day or so, and it charges a little longer than one hour. On average, it takes 3 hours to charge the device fully.

There is a Pass-Through function that allows you to use the device while charging, pausing this process during vaping.

The light indication of the LED backlight informs the user as follows:

  1. Five times pressing the button turns on / off the device, simultaneously blinking three times in blue.
  2. During the discharge of the battery, the backlight color displayed when the main button is also pressed changes:

– more than 3.8 V – the backlight is blue or orange;

– from 3.5 to 3.8 V – the backlight is blue;

– less than 3.5 V – the backlight is orange.

At about 3.5 V, the Nautilus AIO starts to significantly reduce the voltage supplied to the evaporator, which has a positive effect on the life of the built-in battery, as it is not exposed to excessive loads.

Nautilus AIO Kit by Aspire


The cartridge is not an entirely correct name concerning Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit. It will be more appropriate to speak about a clearomizer with the possibility of changing evaporators in this case.

As an excellent addition, there is a cap that prevents dust from getting to the device. The cap is held securely, removed with little effort.

In the upper part of the mod, you will find an irremovable mouthpiece with a convenient, according to the vast majority, holder. Directly under the mouthpiece is a reservoir containing 4.5 ml of liquid.

The amount of liquid remaining can be monitored using translucent glass. Refueling is carried out through a large hole with a diameter of 4.6 mm.

Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit Structural Features

What is not in the vast majority of mods is the airflow controls. Here it is presented in the form of small detail, in the inner part of which an evaporator is installed.

Both evaporators have a resistance of 1.8 ohms; one is designed for regular vape juice, the second is made specifically for nicotine salt vape juice. The biggest throat hit is noted on a conventional evaporator.

There is no fundamental difference in taste transfer in evaporators – both reveal the taste of liquids quite well. Evaporators are compatible with the Nautilus 2 BVC series of tanks produced earlier, which significantly simplifies the search and purchase of spare ones.

Aspire Nautilus AIO Tank

Pros and Cons


  • Cool design
  • Built-in 1000mAh battery capacity
  • 4.5ml tank capacity
  • The ease of use even for beginners
  • High-quality coils
  • Many colors to choose
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick heating
  • Smooth burning of liquid


  • Some customers do not like the mouthpiece. It is uncomfortable for them
  • The liquid can inadvertently squeeze out during the refueling
  • A safety system should be improved

My Personal Review

The Aspire Nautilus AIO is an excellent example of what POD and AIO systems can evolve into in the nearest future. It is difficult to attribute it to any segment with confidence, since it successfully combines the best sides of both, which makes it more universal, distinguishing it from competitors.

Nautilus AIO received many positive reviews due to construction quality, compact size, reliable and straightforward cartridge mounting mechanism, ease of use, as well as enviable battery capacity and tank volume.

Particular attention should be paid to the airflow control system and, to a greater extent, the implementation of replaceable evaporators, which have good taste transfer, as well as a long working time.

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