Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit Review

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit Review
Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

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Dimensions: 104.6 mm by 16.2 mm by 8.2 mm

E-liquid Capacity: 1 mL

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Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit is a prefilled nicotine salt vape fabricated for smokers and people who are just beginning vaping. It is a light and slim device which is pocketable and furtive. You will hardly feel it in the pocket.

The Brez Deluxe starter kit has all you need to start vaping after opening it. It comes with one battery device with 320mAh capacity, a branded charge chord, together with a multiple flavor five-pack which holds vape juice of 1ml.

Different from other vapes, the Apollo Brez you can select between two nic salt choices: 5% and 2.5%. The kit retails at $39.95 at Apollo and the replacement pods retail at $19.99 for every four-pack.



Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

Available Nicotine:
25mg and 50mg
Pod Type:
Battery Capacity:
320 mAh

Texture, Weight, and Size

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit is designed and produced well. It’s slim and shiny, and it feels comfortable in one’s hands and pocket. Every edge of it is rounded; thus it is ergonomic and snug to use. It also has a matte finish; therefore, it is a delight to touch.

Brez is a compact device, and you can carry a few in the pocket, and they add no significant bulk. It is has a height of about two AA batteries (roughly 104mm by 16mm by 8mm) and weighs around 17g.

Getting Started

The Apollo Brez Deluxe comes with a pod which has five different flavors, the battery, and a USB charger. The challenging part of getting started with the Brez is unwrapping its package.

How to Use

Place the pod in the cell holder and then take a hit. Since Brez features an automatic draw, it is not necessary to turn the device on or use keys to take a puff. Place it on your lips and draw on it.

The device also features a small juice opening besides the pod which makes it simple to view the amount of liquid remaining. In this way, you will determine if you have any hits left without removing the pod.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

How It Hits

The Apollo Brez Deluxe kit is extremely easy on the user’s throat. The vapor is relatively warm, and its puff size is similar to a cigarette’s. It has a tight draw identical to a cigarette, although it hits quickly. You do not require taking a strong draw since it sets off faster with just a light pull.

This device utilizes a coil technology known as TruCeramic which alleges to render the vape smooth and full of flavor. Even if the 5% choice of nicotine is elevated, and it is two times the 3.5% choice, they do not feel very different.

The 5% pick has a minor throat hit whereas the 2.5% one has barely any kick. The hits are usually quiet, and there are no issues such as getting the juice in one’s mouth or any seeping from the pod. However, the Brez vapes perfectly with short hits at a reasonable pace.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit


Based on several testings, it is clear that the flavors used in the Brez are excellent. Favorites will be different, although there are no complaints about the Brez flavors. Most of the flavors are preferred a lot.

Similar to the JUUL, the Apollo Brez has several flavors. There are five flavors in total, and every one of them can be tasted once you purchase the kit. Dissimilar to other kits in the industry, the pods of the Apollo Brez are color-coded; therefore you will recognize them once removing from the pack.

RY4 – This is a popular Apollo flavor. It is a blend of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla. It is sweet and smooth although the tobacco offers it an extra mature taste.

Breeze – This is a flavor consist of sweet menthol. Breeze is usually cool going down, though not too cold to render it uncomfortable. It is much better than generic menthol.

Tobacco – This specific flavor is relatively non-descript. It is a bit woody and nutty, although the flavor is not too noticeable. It has a taste similar to the tobacco taste in their RY4 but minus the caramel and vanilla.

Melon – This is the lightest flavor among them. It is somewhat sweet, and it also features a genuine smell of melon, though only noticeable when inhaling. There is not much scent to the melon flavor once you draw it.

Berry blend – This flavor has more fruit taste than candy; however, there are traces of a taste similar to Twizzler. Although it is not very sweet-smelling either, it is an excellent fruit/candy flavor, and it is not over-the-top.

NOTE: Every flavor has a light though lovely aroma when vaping.

Charging and Battery Life

The Apollo Brez Deluxe has impressive battery life. It only features 320 mAh battery, which approximately averages for the device’s size.

However, it is not usually about the capacity of the cell (mAh); at times it is about how capable the apparatus is at utilizing its power. Brez is relatively efficient. You can get a vape a whole pod before it finishes its charge, and it takes approximately a whole day to finish the pod (depending on your needs).

There is a small LED on the device’s face which turns white when charging, and when there is some charge left. Upon draining the battery, the LED will also flash. The exclusive charger usually is constructed in two parts; the small Brez charger port and the micro USB cord.

Attached to the micro USB cord is the charger port, and it is a small magnetized cup which holds the Brez when the apparatus is being charged. To charge the Apollo Brez, position the bottom of the device in the charging port then plug in a USB port. It has pass-thru charging meaning you can still use it as it charges.

If you want to use it when it is charging, switch the cord which comes with the device for a more extended micro USB charger since the original one is usually short.

Pros & Cons


  • Light and furtive
  • Well fabricated
  • Velvety and easy puffs
  • Reliable
  • Five different flavors in the kit
  • Decent flavors
  • Usable when charging


  • Some might find the hit too light
  • 1ml of liquid for every pod


The Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit is straightforward to utilize, and it offers consistent hits. Besides, it has a very decent battery life considering its size. At times it lasts the whole day when fully charged (depending on your needs).

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